Xtava Professional Infrared Flat Iron Review

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We all know what to expect from a straightener: two plates that get hot and then transfer the heat to your hair. The Xtava professional infrared flat iron works a little differently. If you’re curious about this latest innovation in heated styling tools, here’s some background information as well as product recommendations to get you started.

The Traditional Method

Traditional straighteners are dependent on the plate materials in order to heat your hair, hence why there’s so much focus on quality ones, as well as developing new options.

Essentially, the plates heat up to your specified temperature, and then that heat transfers to your hair through direct contact. The effectiveness of that transfer, as well how safe it is for your hair, depends on what temperature you use, as well as what the plates are made of.

The Alternative

Infrared heating produces waves that cause the molecules in whatever they are are heating to generate their own heat, so it’s not a direct heating method.

In relation to your heated styling tool, it’s pretty simple. This method works by heating the hair from the inside out. The exact opposite of a traditional iron, which heats from the outside, working inward.


There are quite a few benefits as a result of this method:

  • Obviously, since you’re not focused on frying the outside of the hair, it’s better for hair health. With the right device, you’ll see less damage to the outside layers of each individual strand. This means less breakage and dryness.
  • This method heats more efficiently than the traditional method, since it heats quickly and uniformly.
  • They type of heat produces negative ions. Those are great for keeping hair healthy and moisturized by working with your hair’s natural oils. This also means you should have less trouble with humidity, and your hair should be shinier overall.
  • One weird fact about this heating method is that it can actually stimulate blood flow. It’s used in pain therapy for this reason. While this doesn’t mean that you can now use your straightener to take care of a migraine, there are manufacturers that say this particular quality should help with hair growth.  I’m not sure how verifiable those claims are, but it’s still an interesting tidbit.

Xtava Infrared Flat Iron

xtava Pro Satin Infrared Flat Iron with Tourmaline Ceramic PlatesCheck Price on Amazon



  • 2 inch wide, tourmaline ceramic floating plates.
  • 445°F max temperature
  • Temperature range guide for different hair types.
  • 60 min auto shut off
  • 8 foot 360 degree swivel cord.


Some devices claim that they contain this heating method, but don’t clearly demonstrate how they incorporate it. I like that this device does. It’s really obvious that it runs through the middle of the two, traditional plates.

Speaking of plates, these ones seem good. They’re ceramic tourmaline, which is better for your hair health. They’re also floating plates, which means they won’t tug and pull on your hair as you style.

My only complaint is that they don’t have a lot of sizing options, likely due to those extra additions in the plates. Based off of my experience, two inches is too wide to allow you to both straighten and curl with the same device. For me this is a downside, since I like straightener curls, however, if you don’t intend to use the device for multiple styles, it’s a non-issue. And to be fair, wider plates do make straightening easier, especially for people with thick hair.

Another concern would be the fact that the plates are tourmaline ceramic. This material isn’t as effective for people with thicker, coarser hair. However, I feel that the additional heating method as well as the high temperature range help make up for that.

The temperature also comes with some guides for different hair types. It’s a thoughtful touch that’s good for beginners, or anyone who doesn’t usually pay attention to that.

Overall Recommendation

Taking into account the features, the reviews, and the price of this device, I would recommend it. I think it’s a good option for anyone who wants to try out a different heating method. And even if the newer heating technology isn’t to your taste, you’ll still be left with a functional, ceramic tourmaline straightener at a reasonable price. I would still prefer something with a smaller plate width, however two inch plates have their own benefits.

If you want to try something new, consider the Xtava professional infrared flat iron.


As of 11/05/2020 this product is no longer available for purchase. However, you may be interested in other infrared flat irons, or other flat irons from the Xtava brand that are available on Amazon.

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