Vented Wet Brush Recommendations

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Styling or detangling right out of the shower can be tricky, since hair will be at its most vulnerable and delicate. To avoid unnecessary breakage, a product like a vented wet brush is a must. They can help you get your hair coiffed and dry with less pain, less hassle, and less damage.


It’s important to use the right products when you are trying to style or brush wet hair.  If you do it wrong you could end up damaging your hair.  To prevent damage, you can can use something like a this hair brush with large bristles that detangle well.

This product was designed for people with fine, delicate hair, although it’s still effective for coarse hair as well. The main benefit is in the flexible bristles; rather than forcing their way through knots, the way that stiff bristles do, they gently coax tangles apart. This makes it an excellent detangling brush. And just as the name implies, it’s gentle enough to be used on wet hair.

The benefits of vents mostly apply to people who blow dry their hair regularly. All that open space in the brush-head allows air to pass through, which means faster drying times and easier styling.

Product Recommendations

If you’re looking for this type of brush, here are some options that we would recommend. There are a variety of options for different hair types and styling needs.

Wet Brush Speed Dry

Wet Brush Speed Dry Hair Brush, Pink


This classic round head style is great for anyone with thin or fine hair. The brush head has less surface area, which means it could take longer to style thicker hair. But the smaller size also means more control, so it’s a good option for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of hair, and is worried about breakage and hair loss.

Wet Brush Flex Dry


The Wet Brush Pro Flex Dry Paddle Brush, Ombre



This paddle version is better for anyone with thick, delicate hair. On this particular option, the entire brush-head is flexible. It’s done in a long zigzag shape, rather than having support and structure along the sides. All that extra flexibility is going to help it move with you as you apply pressure and try to get through knots. In that regard, I like this as an option for anyone whose main goal is avoiding hair loss or damage.

Wet Brush Epic Professional Quick Dry

Wet Brush Pro Epic Quick Dry Hair Brush



This option is better for thick hair that you’re trying to style. The added support along the sides and top of the brush give it more structure, which is better if you’re trying to dry your hair flat, or with a subtle flip. For styling, you need something that you can apply a lot of pressure to, which means a stiffer brush like this one is more effective. This option also has a curved version, in which the entire brush-head is a subtle u-shape. Because of that curve, more bristles come in contact with your scalp, which can help distribute oils more efficiently. This makes it good for styling since those oils help protect your hair, and leave it shiner and softer.

Choosing the Right Option

It’s hard to go wrong with an effective product like this one, so don’t stress too much about the choice. When shopping, your main focus should be on your hair type, as well as your priorities. For styling, a brush that has some structure is better; for regular drying, a more flexible brush-head can help you protect your hair. You also need to consider your hair density, and choose a shape that’s going to be the most efficient.

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