Tips for Curling Iron Beginners

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Not sure how to get the perfect style with your curling iron or wand? Don’t sweat it. Once you know what you’re doing, these devices are actually pretty to use! Here is a list of some tutorials that I find helpful. They cover different devices, different hair types, and difference techniques, so check them out for advice on how to master your heated styling tool.

How to use a Tapered Curling Wand

I love how detailed this tutorial is. It’s got some really great advice for curling, and although he uses a wand in the tutorial, a lot of the advice applies to standard curling irons as well.

He also takes the time to review the device, which is great. It’s actually from a brand that I really like as well. You can find out my thoughts on their curling iron here. From there, he goes into what products he uses, which is helpful for anyone who is just getting into styling. With so many options for products out there, having a starting point for what you should be looking for is great.

I also like the advice that he gives for hair health. His explanation of what heats to use with what hair types is pretty helpful, as is his explanation of some mistakes that people commonly make.

I will say that the tutorial is a little limited, since it really only goes into one style of curl that you can do with a tapered wand, however I think it’s a great starting place for someone who is new to these devices.

How to use a Curling Iron

I wanted to include this video for the styling advice, as well as the fact that she’s giving advice for how to curl thick, coarse hair. This hair type can be a bit stubborn, so it’s good to check out what other people with that hair type are doing.

In this video, she doesn’t go into a lot of detail about what products and devices she’s using, so it’s not the best if you need recommendations for a full routine, however she does point out some important things you should know before curling. I also love her unwashed hair hack with cornstarch. It’s great for anyone who doesn’t find dry shampoo effective or appealing.

Rather than covering all the basics, her focus is on the styling itself. She gives some very detailed explanations and demonstrations for how to achieve different types of curls. It’s an excellent guide for anyone who hasn’t used an iron before, since she shows you exactly what you should do, step by step, for each curl. And while she’s using a standard curling iron, these techniques should also translate well to a cylindrical curling wand.


How to Get Natural Looking Curls

If you don’t like the look of perfectly styled curls, check out this guide from Elle.

I would read this after watching a tutorial, since it goes into more detail about technique and products to use. I feel like the suggestions are definitely more for a natural style, so if that’s what you’re after, check out this article. Note that this article is wand specific. However, while the technique for curling is specific to curling wands, the advice for products and how to prep your hair is useful for any device.

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