Skinny Flat Iron

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Cut your styling close with a skinny flat iron. These slim straighteners are the perfect way to style hard-to-reach hair.

If you’re not familiar, the slimness of the device actually refers to the plate size. Plates in flat irons are usually around 1”. This standard size allows for easy straightening, as well as curling.

However, plate sizes can vary substantially. Larger options are usually around 2”, while smaller options can get as narrow as less than half an inch! These devices are so narrow, they’re sometimes referred to as pencil flat irons.

As you can imagine, the styling benefits of these different devices also varies.

Wider devices are good for straightening long or thick hair. That’s because the increased surface area of the plates makes for more efficient styling. However, curling with these devices isn’t as easy as with a 1” wide device.

Narrow devices, on the other hand, are good for the opposite. They’re perfect for short hair, including things like bangs and pixie cuts. People even use the narrowest options as a small flat iron for edges.

Keep in mind that these are different from mini flat irons. The term mini most often refers to smaller, travel sized versions of the average straightener. As such, they’re plates are usually 1” wide, but they are shorter than a full-sized device.

These can also work for short hair and bangs, but they’re a bit clunkier to use. Most also have lower temperature ranges.

Here is more information on why narrow straighteners are a good choice for a range of styling needs:

Benefits of a Narrow Straightener

The main benefit of these devices is that they allow you to get closer to the scalp.

Because the plates are so narrow, the device is slimmer overall. That means you can reach almost down to the very root of your hair.

With wider options, this is much harder to achieve. You have to hold the hair out straight, to allow room. But if your hair is short, chances are you won’t have enough to grip and hold taught.

These narrow devices take care of that issue. And in doing so, they open up a lot more options for you.

Styling Functions

There’s a lot of different ways you can use these devices to style hair. However, the main function of them is for use with short hair.

With pixie cuts or bobs, you can straighten, or create waves and flips.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use these devices if you have longer hair. Rather, it’s for any short hair whatsoever, including bangs and baby hairs.

With bangs, you can create a pin straight look. Or, angle the device as you straighten to add a bit of a curve.

With baby hairs, you can straighten them to help them lay flat when doing your edges. Or you can even curl them!

Just use the same technique that you would with a wider flat iron. The difference is that, since the plates are so narrow, you’ll get tight, spiral curls. (The effect is similar to using the very end of a tapered curling wand.)

It’s a good option if you want to curl your baby hairs, face frame, or bangs. When the curls are formed, you can pull on them and then brush them out, for romantic looking waves.

Other Functions

Another trick with these devices is to use them to create volume. To do this, separate the top layer of your hair, right by your part. Then, use the device to create a bump in the layers beneath. (Just use the same motion you would to create a flip or wave.)

Gently brush it out, to lessen the curve. Then put the top layer of hair back. This gives you a little extra padding on top, for thicker, fuller looking hair.

It’s similar to teasing hair, just without all the knots.

Best Skinny Flat Iron

If you’re interested in getting a thin flat iron for short hair, here are some great options:

Pencil Straightener

1/3 Inch Plate Flat Iron1/3 Inch Plate Flat IronCheck Price on AmazonKIPOZI Pencil Flat IronKIPOZI Pencil Flat IronCheck Price on Amazon


These thin devices come in at around .3 inches, which is tiny. They’re the perfect option if you’re working with really short hair.

They’re going to allow you to get in really close to the scalp, without burning yourself. As such, they’re the ideal option for baby hairs.

1/2 inch flat iron

Bed Head Pixie 1/2Bed Head Pixie 1/2Check Price on AmazonKISS Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron, 1/2KISS Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron, 1/2Check Price on Amazon


These options are a bit wider, making them a better choice for in-between cuts, like bobs. You can also use them for thicker bang styles, like curtain bangs.

These cuts are short, but not as short as pixie cuts, etc, so you can use a wider plate. And at this size, it’s easier to create curls, waves, and flips. They’re also going to better if you want to try to create volume.

It will be less effective for finer hairs though. If you want something specifically for baby hairs, a narrower option is better.

It’s also important to note that there options with ceramic plates as well. These are a great option for anyone with fine or delicate hair.

Choosing Your Straightener

When making your selection, consider your styling needs first.

If you want something for baby hairs, or if you have a close-cropped style, go as thin as you can. These options are going to allow you to style any short, fine hairs you want.

If you have more hair to work with, a wider option is better. They’re a bit more versatile, and they’re going to allow you straighten faster.

Regardless, the point is that these devices make styling short hair and bangs easier. If that’s what you’re after, try a skinny flat iron for your short hair needs.

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