Simple but Cute Hairstyle Ideas

Simple but Cute Hairstyle Ideas

The best every-day hairstyle is the one that looks like it didn’t take much effort, even though it’s very clearly styled. In order to achieve this look, your best bet is to go with some simple, that still looks really cute. If you’re after casual styles that still look put together, here are some ideas for what you can do.



Braids are a go-to for styles that are easy to accomplish, but look sophisticated. Braiding even small portions of your hair and working them into your update is an easy way to elevate a basic up-do. You can also put all your hair into a messy braid for something stylish and casual.

Beach Waves


If you want to style your hair down, beach waves are a safe bet. They allow a lot of room for error with a curling iron, and you can usually get them done pretty quickly. They are also really easy to achieve without heat. Overall, it’s a great way to put a little extra polish on a relaxed look.



Ponytails seem like the cheater’s up-do, but they can actually be pretty styled. It really just depends on whether or not you’re willing to put in a little extra effort. Tuck the ponytail, add some braids or twists, part your hair differently, and suddenly your lazy hairstyle is a cute up-do.



Buns are another up-do that’s so easy to dress up. It can go from haphazard to to stylish with just a few changes here and there. A chignon is a good example of this. They seem unapproachable, but there are plenty ways to do them easier. Topknots are easy to dress up as well.

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