Shower Hair Brush

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Make detangling easier with a shower hair brush. These options can help you simplify your hair routine and save time.

There are plenty of reasons to try brushing your hair while it’s wet.

For one, it can make it easier to detangle. And the bristles can also help you exfoliate around the scalp area, and clear out any buildup.

However, there are a few areas of concern that you’ll need to address as well.

Check out our quick guide below for more information.

Healthy Hair Options

One issue with brushing in the shower is that your hair will be soaked. Wet strands are more delicate and prone to breakage than dry strands. This is an issue for any hair type, but it’s especially concerning for anyone with fine or thin strands.

In order to combat this, it’s important to use an option designed specifically for detangling. These options are meant to prevent damage, so they’re safer for wet strands.

They options have flexible bristles, that have plenty of give. That means that they won’t tug on knots the same way that stiff bristles do.

This allows for easy detangling, as well as less damage, even when showering.

Other Concerns

Since you’ll be using these around a lot of water, it’s important to consider the most hygienic option.

You don’t want to use an option that has natural fibers or is made of a natural material. You also don’t want something that has a flexible pad for the bristles, that can pop out.

In both cases, water is likely to get trapped in the brush, as opposed to drying out. If that happens it can lead to bacteria growth, odors, and other issues.

Instead, you need something with a simple, minimal design, that will air dry easily. It should also be made of water friendly material, like plastic.

This is another reason that detangling options, specifically, are a good choice. They tend to be made of plastic, and the bristles are fixed in place. This leaves less room for water to get trapped, which means they’ll air dry effectively.

They’re also easier to clean and sanitize as needed.

Best Hair Brush to use in the Shower

If you’re looking for options you can use while showering, here are a few to consider:

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Brushing Tips

In order to keep your hair healthy, there are some good brushing habits that you can practice.

The first is brushing gently.

Any time you run the bristles through your strands, you’re creating friction. This can lead to frizziness and fly-aways, if you’re not careful.

To prevent this, the brushing at a slower pace, and with less pressure. Don’t brush more than necessary either.

And don’t try to rip right through stubborn knots. Instead, gently run the bristles over them until they separate. You can even detangle them by hand a bit first, before brushing.

It also helps to start at the ends of your hair, where most of the knots will be. Brushing these out first and then going from your scalp down can help prevent breakage.

The next is to use detangling products.

If you do plan on brushing while showering, save it for after you’ve applied your conditioner.

Conditioner adds moisture, but it also adds slip. This makes it easier for bristles to glide over the strands. And it also makes it easier to separate the individual strands.

Shower Detangler Brush

If you want to detangle while showering, there are plenty of great options to consider.

Just remember to practice proper brushing techniques. You to make sure you’re detangling gently, so as not to cause breakage or damage.

You’ll also want something that can withstand the regular exposure to water.

Overall, brushing while showering is a convenient way to detangle and keep your strands clean and healthy. So give a shower hair brush a try and see if it will help you maintain your best hair.

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