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Rose Gold Flat Iron Recommendations

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I can’t think of buying a rose gold flat iron for any reason other than aesthetics, which is a good enough reason for me. You’ll be seeing your heated styling tool often, so it ought to be something that you think looks good. Of course, any tool has got to have more than just a pretty exterior. There’s a functional reason you purchased it, and it needs to be effective.

Luckily, there’s isn’t a trade off when it comes to most heated styling tools. They’re going to look good, and make sure that your hair looks good too.

In addition to finding a device that’s pretty, make sure you’re checking for materials as well as temperature settings. These two features are going to determine if will work for your hair type.

Below are my recommendations for devices that will work as straighteners, and just happen to have excellent color schemes as well.

Foxybae Rose Gold Flat Iron

FoxyBae ROSE GOLD TRÉS SLEEK Titanium Flat Iron - Digital Temperature Control Ionic Hair Straightener with Auto Shut Off and Quick Heating, Ion plates Hair Straightening, 360° swivel cord


  • Rounded Titanium Plates
  • 450 Degrees Fahrenheit Max temperature
  • 360 swivel cord
  • Auto shut off


Keep in mind that this is the most expensive option on the list, however I still think it’s worthy of consideration.

Titanium is always worth mentioning as an option for anyone with coarse or stubborn hair. The heat transfer rate of titanium is better than that of ceramic, so you can get you hair done quicker and while still having a good hold for your style. The rounded plate design should also help keep your hair from getting snagged as you straighten. Titanium does have the downside of not heating as evenly as ceramic, so make sure you’re paying attention to any changes in temperature as you’re using the device.

For the aesthetic of this device, they really play up the metallic qualities of the color. The device is black overall, but they have quite a few pink accents to complement the plates. Overall, it’s a very sleek and clean look.

(Note that the listing says this device is refurbished. Personally, I think refurbished devices are fine, however I respect that other people may not prefer that. If you still like the device but don’t want to purchase it from the listing, you can always pick one up at the brand’s website. )

Furiden Steam Hair Straightener

FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron for Hair : Professional Ceramic Flat Iron for Hair Straightening with Digital LED Display, Dual Voltage, 265℉ - 450℉ Salon High Heat, 1-Inch (Rose Gold)


  • Steam
  • 450 degree Fahrenheit max temperature
  • Dial Temperature control
  • 38 temperature options
  • 60 minute auto shut off


Steam has the seemingly contradictory claim of being able to protect your hair from frizz. In my experience, adding moisture does not make my hair less frizzy, but it does work for some people. It’s also supposed to keep your hair healthier overall by limiting heat damage, and providing a better hold for your style.

One con for this device is the temperature control. Dials are not really my favorite. They’re too easy to bump as you style. I’ve had a few moments where I didn’t notice the drastic change in temperature until I was going over a section again and again, or I could smell burnt hair. It’s a huge waste of time when you upset the temperature, and potentially damaging to your hair as well.

Another con is that this device is tailored to use steam specifically. It’s not like some other steam flat irons that are basically regular straighteners. The plates on this one have been modified to allow steam to pass through. I think it’s an excellent option if you’re familiar with steam, and prefer it. If not, stick to a regular straightener.

Aesthetic wise, I love this device. It looks very sleek, and they didn’t hold back on the pink. I like that they complemented the color with silver as opposed to a matte finish, or a solid color. It’s a little more unique and really adds to the overall metallic appeal.

Infinitipro by Conair review

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Rose Gold Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch Flat Iron



  • Extra long, floating ceramic plates
  • 455 Degrees Fahrenheit max temperature
  • Auto Shut off


One important pro for me with this device is the plates. I really like the ease of styling you get from floating plates. They move with you as you tug on them, so you get a nice, smooth action out of it. The added length should also make straightening more efficient, since it would allow you to get more hair at once. And ceramic is great for it’s even heating properties, although it doesn’t get as hot, or have as high a heat transfer as titanium.

This device also passes the 450 Degree Fahrenheit threshold. Most devices stop at that point as their maximum. Really you shouldn’t even need to get the device that hot, but I still think it’s worth noting that it’s possible.

In terms of the look this device has, I think it’s good. It’s darker than the other options on this list, so if you’re looking for something more muted this would be a good choice. It’s also not quite as metallic.

Overall Thoughts

You don’t have to choose between a stylish device and a device that gives you good style. With these devices, you get looks for both your straightener and your hair. If you’re looking for a rose gold flat iron, just remember that to look at the plate materials as well as temperature settings to find a device that will work for you.

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