Theorie Flat Iron Review

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If you’re looking for a solid titanium device, check out this theorie flat iron review. Titanium devices are pretty common, so it can be difficult to pick just one out of all those options. The key when making your decision, is to focus on features and price.

Titanium Flat Iron Review
Theorie Saga 1" Flat Iron (Black)


  • This straightener comes with titanium plates, as opposed to the ceramic. While it may seem like a simple change, the titanium is actually supposed to protect your hair by emitting negative ions, which can seal the cuticles. This benefits hair by containing all the moisture in, even as you heat it. Titanium also has the requisite ability to smooth and shine as it straightens. Of course, titanium doesn’t heat as evenly as ceramic, and it emits less negative ions than tourmaline. However, it’s still a great material for coarse or thick hair.
  • While this brand has devices that come in a variety of sizes, this particular model has 1 inch plates, which is an ideal size for someone who wants to use it for both curling and straightening.
  • The beveled plates should assist in styling no matter what type of look you’re going for. This type of plate is curved at the edges more, which helps to prevent indents in your hair from where you’re putting pressure.
  • Another interesting feature is the auto shut-off function. This may seem useless, but consider for a moment the anxiety of getting halfway to your destination only to realize that you can’t remember whether or not you turned off the straightener.


  • The titanium plates are great for anyone with thicker, coarser hair. They emit negative ions and have a higher heat transfer rate.
  • The plate size is great for multiple types of styling.
  • Auto shut-off allows you to walk away from the iron without the fear of forgetting to shut it off.


  • While the plate size can help you curl and straighten, people with thicker hair may prefer a wider plate size. Thinner plates means it can take a little while to style your hair.
  • Theorie flat irons are higher end in terms of price range, so it might be better to pick up a cheaper option if you’re purchasing an iron just for casual or occasional styling.

Final Thoughts

While on the higher end in terms of price, this device has some features that are worth considering. Titanium plates help to protect hair during styling, while also adding shine and containing frizz. The auto shut-off gives peace of mind with the knowledge that the flat iron will turn off even if you forget about it. While the price point is a little high, the useful features provide a trade-off worth considering.

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