Red Christmas Hair Bows

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For a classic holiday accessory, why not add a red Christmas hair bow to your look? This accessory may sound old fashioned, but they’ve made a recent comeback as a trendy, feminine accent. It helps that you can use them in just about any style of hairdo, be it an updo, half-up half-down, or whatever else you might be doing.

If you’re looking for something you can use at your next holiday party, check out these options below.

Red and White

Scalloped Edge Bow Hair Clip Large Red



For something a little different, try this option. It has white stitching along the edges, for a nice little accent. The loops on the side are also extra large, fanning out into an almost circular shape. Both of these features give it a look that’s a little more rustic. This makes it a good choice for anyone who wants something casual and less feminine.

The clip in the back is an alligator clip, so it should stay secure in your hair. These clips have a lot of teeth, and tend to grip hair nicely.

Velvet Finish

Red Crushed Velvet Bow Hair Clip Large - Set of 5



This cute set is perfect for someone who wants to add some sophistication to their look. Velvet is a posh fabric that’s often associated with the holidays. With matching sets like these, you can use all of them as smaller accents in a braid or updo. It won’t have the same impact as something oversized, but it’s really cute. It’s also better for when you want something that’s bold, but a little more understated.

Classic Style

Red Jumbo Bow Clip with Tails



Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics. This option is done in a traditional style, complete with two long tails. It’s also fairly large, coming it at around seven inches. Like the first option, it comes with an alligator clip in the back, so it should stay secure in your hair despite the size.

Cotton Fabric
Red 5 Inch Bow Soft Cotton



This option is made of cotton, which is perfect for causal looks. One potential downside to this choice is that the color is not as deep as you would often see for holiday colors. However, for some looks, a lighter shade is preferable. It also makes it easier to wear throughout the year since it’s not as bold.

Other Recommendations

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The Right Accessory

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic accessory like these. When it comes to choosing one for your hair, go with one that will fit your style. If you like to go glam and look put together, something like velvet will fit best. For a more casual setting, you can go with a classic style, or a different fabric like cotton. Either way, there’s plenty of options available for whatever look you want to rock.

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