Realistic Butterfly Hair Clips That are Perfect for Spring and Summer

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Add some fun to your next style with these realistic butterfly hair clips. These beautiful hair accessories are the perfect way to add some color and flair to any look.

One important thing to note about this type of accessory is that there’s actually a wide range of product styles. What’s considered “real” looking isn’t really as straightforward as it sounds. And some option offer realism in a way that’s different than other options.

To help you sort out which option is right for you, here are the main styles you can choose from:

Single Wing

real-looking-butterfly-clips Single Wing

Single wing options are among the simplest. However, that tends to work in their favor.

With these, it’s easy to get a true-to-life look and feel, since the designs can just be printed on. As such, many products come with the sort of patterns and colors that you would see in nature.

They’re also a better choice if you’re not after something super dramatic. While they’re still pretty noticeable, they don’t stand out quite as much as some other options.

That makes these a better choice if you plan on adding in flowers, or using a more complicated style. That way the focus is more on the hair or the other accessories, rather than these accents.

Double Wing

realistic-butterfly-hair-clipsDouble Wing

Double wing options are similar to single wing options. The main difference is that they have a smaller set of wings layered over the first.

This is obviously unrealistic, since it’s not as if these insects have layered sets of wings. However, it actually serves to make these artificial options look realer.

That’s because the second set of wings sits higher than the first. This gives the impression that the wings are slightly raised, rather than perfectly flat. This subtle difference is closer to how these insects look in real life, whenever they alight on something.

Overall, this helps to create an illusion of flight. On first glance, it seems like the accessories really could fly off, if they wanted. That’s what gives these options more dimension than single wing ones.

Fantasy Option

pastel-butterfly-hair-clips Fantasy Look

Some options have all the appearance of a real insect, just without the traditional coloring. Options like these lean more into fantasy or fairy territory, but they’re still a good choice.

Even when done in pastels, options like the one listed above have just the right delicacy. With the right materials and structure, they have a life-like sense, even without the right colors.

They seem weightless, almost fragile, the way that the real insects do. This helps them have an overall impression of realism, even though they look more fantastical.

Making Your Selection

The main thing you need to decide is if you want a single wing or a double wing option. In order to decide, you need to consider the look you’re going for. Single wing options are the closest to being real. Double wing options though, tend to look better since they have a sense of motion.

You also need to decide if you like realer looking colors and patterns, or fake ones. Some people really like the photo-realistic options, while others prefer a general sense of realism. The choice is up to you.

And if you don’t see a specific product you like, you can try a great diy tutorial like this one. Making the pins yourself allows you to be more selective, and find something that fits your preferences.

Regardless, there are plenty of realistic butterfly hair clips that you can add to any of your favorite styles.

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