Quick Hairdos for Long Hair

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For those days when you’re tired of dealing with your lengthy tresses, use these tutorials for quick hairdos for long hair.

While longer styles are gorgeous, they can be a handful to care for. When you need some extra ideas for how to disguise unwashed tresses, or to get the weight of it all up on your head, there are plenty of options, not matter what your level of styling ability.

Here are the tutorials that we recommend:

Lazy Everyday Styles

I would check out this tutorial if you want something more polished. You can still complete the looks without taking too much time, but some of the styles are “put together”.

I will say that some of the styles are a little more complicated, but they’re very cute. Plus, they’re not impossible, even for people who are styling challenged. She also includes a variety of options from half up half down styles, to full on updos.

Natural Hairstyles

With 13 options, it’s hard not to find at least one look you’ll like in this tutorial. And they’re all great options for curly hair. Some of the styles in this video will take you a little longer than others, but they’re all still relatively simple.

My one complaint would have to be that she doesn’t provide any explanations or tips, since there’s no voice-over on the video. This isn’t really an issue if you already have some styling experience, but for beginners, it might make it confusing at times. As such, I recommend this video more for people who are familiar with styling. It’s easy to follow along with either way, but it definitely helps if you’ve already done the techniques she’s using. However, I absolutely love the variety she provides, and all the styles are super cute. It’s worth watching, if only for the style inspiration.

Pretty Styles for Thin Hair

If you have thinner density, check out this tutorial. Her focus is on getting everything up, out of your face, which can be helpful. And while the styles are targeted towards thinner density, longer tresses, most styles work well for a variety of types and lengths.

She starts the video with a waterfall braid, which I would consider a more advanced technique. Luckily, she goes into a lot of detail about how to get that look, including step by step instructions. It’s still difficult to manage if you’ve never done it, but helpful nonetheless.

At the very least, this tutorial is worth watching for her tip on how to use clear mascara to deal with baby hairs. It’s a good trick for touch-ups on the go as well.

Managing Your Look

Having tresses that go past your shoulder blades can feel burdensome at times, but it doesn’t have to. There are still plenty of styles to keep everything out of your face, or even off your back.

Before you go straight for the big chop, try some of the easy styling options instead.

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