PYT Flat Iron Review

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When deciding on a flat iron, sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. After you’ve used a lot of different ones, it’s the small things that make a difference in your purchase; the plates, the cord, the style of temperature gauge–seemingly irrelevant details are decisive factors. That’s where flat irons like the pink PYT Ceramic styling tool come in. They put thought into the details, which matter the most to all us picky buyers.


  • This flat iron has ceramic plates, which I consider to be more of a classic approach. (Not including the days when they used to be made out of plain metal!) Also, it’s advertised as being 100% ceramic, unlike some other flat irons which use a ceramic coating over metal plates.
  • The ceramic plates also float, which means less tugging as you’re styling. This is a pretty typical feature for most flat irons, but it’s still worth appreciating.
  • While not the most important feature, it’s still worth pointing out that this flat irons comes in a variety of colors and styles. It doesn’t affect performance, but having pink flat iron is still fun.
  • The iron also boasts a nine foot cord that swivels a full 360 degrees.


  • The style of the plates and arms makes it easy for both straightening and curling. Personally, I like the flat irons that are more versatile; you get more out of your money.
  • Ceramic is an excellent conductor of heat, so you should get more even and steady heat distribution from the plates. The plates are also listed as 100% ceramic, which should give you better quality styling over ceramic coated plates.
  • A nine foot cord may seem a bit unnecessary, but anyone who has suffered in a poorly designed room knows how helpful long cords can be. With nine feet, you should be able to style your hair just about anywhere in the house you want.


  • I’m still not a huge fan of putting the temperature adjustment knob in between the two arms. The benefit is that you’re less likely to accidentally toggle it mid-styling, but having to adjust it that close to the heated element is just not my preference.

This flat iron is pretty standard, but it’s some of the smaller touches that make it stand out. The 100% ceramic plates are a nice addition, that should show up with multiple benefits to your hair. Ceramic is good for making you hair sleek and shiny as it styles, and it conducts heat well. The nine foot cord will help out with anyone who has ever struggled to style their hair near the outlet, and the fun colors and styles is a nice change from the constant stream of black and grey hair tools. Since this style of iron also allows you to curl or flip your hair, I’d say it’s a decent purchase worth considering.

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