Paul Mitchell Smooth Flat Iron Review

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If you want a Paul Mitchell smooth flat iron, it’s obvious what qualities you want in your heated styling tool. You want a well-made device, first of all, but you don’t want that to be the end of it. You want a straightener that is going to carry that same professional feel over to your finished style. When you’re done, your hair should not just be straight, but flawless.

That’s a tall order.

It’s hard to say which straightener would deliver that perfectly. After all, there are so many different hair types, and individual user preferences. However, I think this particular straightener is a good place to start looking. It has a few features that can provide a flawless finish, and a quality brand to back it up.

Important Features

There are a few elements on this device that work together to keep your hair shiny and healthy as you straighten. Here’s a run-down of what I consider the most important ones.

Rounded Edges

This is a small touch that is more and more common on flat irons now, and for good reason. This type is edge is designed to make it less likely for you to get dents in your hair as you straighten. If there’s a sharper drop-off on the edge of the plate, you may end up with a little indent where you first start on a section. You can also get them anywhere else on the length of your hair, depending on how much pressure you’re using, and how long you hold the device in a specific spot.

Having a rounded edge on the plates helps since there’s no hard corners for your hair to bend on. If you do happen to tilt the device the wrong way, or accidentally put too much pressure on one specific spot, the curved shape should help the hair drape off the edge, rather than bend.

Ceramic Plates

Ceramic has two helpful qualities: it will heat evenly, and it has anti-static properties.

Even heating is an important factor for hair health, as well as a smooth finish. If the plates on the device don’t heat evenly, that means your hair isn’t heating evenly either. You’ll get parts that need to be straightened with multiple passes, since they didn’t receive enough heat. Yet you’ll also get sections that received too much heat, since they encountered a hot spot. In either case, your hair can face more damage, which can make it dry and unhealthy. Even heating helps prevent all of that by making the straightener more effective.

Ceramic is also commonly used in anti-static brushes and other products. Static may seem like a minor annoyance, but if you want that flawless finish on your hair, know that it can make a difference. Static can cause a lot of flyaway hairs and frizz, which isn’t helpful during or after styling. By helping to eliminate static, you’re more likely to get that pin straight, uniform finish that everyone is after.

Ion Complex

Ions get talked about a lot with styling tools because they can help your hair retain moisture. The presence of negative ions can seal your hair’s cuticle, which in turn locks in more of your hair’s natural moisture and oils. This means you’ll end up with healthier, shinier hair when you’re done. Paired with heat protectant and proper styling technique, this feature can also keep your hair healthier.

Paul Mitchell Straightener

If you’re intrigued by these features, here is my Paul Mitchell flat iron review.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Flat Iron


  • Cushioned, beveled edge, ceramic plates
  • 410 Degrees Fahrenheit max temperature
  • Ion Complex
  • One hour auto shut off
  • 9ft swivel cord


As I mentioned already with some of the important features, this device has a lot of elements that can contribute to giving your hair a flawless finish when styled.

A few things I didn’t mention, like the cushioned plates, and the 9ft swivel cord, can also add to the ease of use. Cushioned plates are similar to floating plates, in that the plates are going to give when you put pressure on them as you straighten your hair. It’s a small touch, but it adds some ease to the overall experience of using the device. The swivel cord is another small touch that makes it easier to maneuver the device as you straighten. With this type of cord, you don’t have to worry about being close to an outlet, or finding that your device doesn’t want to cooperate as you move to the back of your head.

The biggest downside of this device, for me, is the maximum temperature. I definitely advocate for using lower temperatures when styling, however, as someone with very stubborn hair, I know that 410 degrees is not always going to cut it. If I don’t want to make multiple passes, sometimes I need a temperature that’s higher than that.

As such, this device wouldn’t be the best choice for me, and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to someone with thick, coarse, curly hair like mine. However, I think it works for a variety of other hair types. If your hair generally cooperates when you’re straightening it, this device is probably still good for you.

Final Thoughts

It’s impossible to say that there’s one device that will work perfectly for everyone, with every hair type. There’s too much variety in people’s preferences, and in their hair. That said, I think this option would work for a good range of people. While I personally don’t think the max temperature is hot enough for people with very stubborn hair, it’s still high enough to work for most cases. I also think the features are well thought out. The plate material and design should help most users achieve that flawless, salon finish that everyone is after.

Also know that there are plenty of devices available from this brand, including straightener and other heated styling tools. This device may not work out for you, but if you like the brand, you can still purchase other products.

Overall, I believe this is a good device. If you’re interested in a Paul Mitchell Smooth flat iron, then I would encourage you to check and see if this one would work for you.

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