Paul Mitchell Flat Iron Review

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Like a lot of hair styling tools, flat irons can be scaled from devices meant for the casual user, to devices used by professionals. The Paul Mitchell protools express flat iron definitely leans towards the professional end of the spectrum. Of course, buying a professional level tool has it’s benefits. (Who doesn’t want to able to reproduce salon level styling at home?) But with a professional tool comes a professional price. With these sorts of purchases, it’s really a matter of weighing the price versus the benefits and features.

Paul Mitchell protools Express Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell PM Pro Tools Express Ion Style+ Styling Iron


  • One small feature this flat iron has is that the Temperature can be seen on a display on handle. While this may seem irrelevant, I’ve found it to be preferable to the dial style temperature controls. With the display, you get to know exactly what temperature your flat iron is at.
  • Different flat irons have different tricks for making sure your hair doesn’t get frizzy as you style; this iron uses negative ions.
  • This straightener also uses infrared technology, which essentially heats your hair from the inside out. In doing so, it helps speed up the process of styling.
  • The ceramic plates on this device mean that you’re going to have good heating quality. Ceramic retains heat better, and more evenly than most metal plate materials.


  • The Paul Mitchell Smooth + seems to have two main areas of focus: looking smooth and healthy. It seems to me that this flat iron is designed to be used with less passes over specific pieces of hair, which means your hair encounters less direct heat.
  • In order to keep your style smooth, the flat iron uses negative ions. These can help lock in your hairs natural moisture as you style.
  • The ceramic plates also help promote hair health by heating evenly. These won’t get as hot, as quickly, as metal plates, however they retain their heat very well.


  • This flat iron isn’t the most expensive one out there, but it’s definitely not cheap either. If you’re serious about straightening your hair regularly, then you can consider this flat iron. For a casual user, consider buying something at a lower price point.
  • While I prefer LCD temperature display, I don’t like placement of the temperature controls on this device. however the placement on the inside part of the device is a definite con. I wouldn’t want to stick my hand in between the handles, that close to the heated element just to toggle the temperature. The power button is there as well, which means you have to do the same thing to turn it off when you’re done styling. I do like that this means that you’re less likely to toggle the temperature while styling, however I still think it’s a little inconvenient.

Overall Thoughts

If you’re going for that perfect, naturally straight look, this flat iron is probably a good choice. It’s designed to make your hair look naturally, healthily smooth, and the professional-like quality seems to promise results.

As for being worth the price, I think it is for anyone who isn’t doing fast, casual styling regularly. If you’re willing to take the time to really style your hair, then I think you deserve a device like this, that has quality features.

One complaint I have is that ceramic plates aren’t as durable metal ones. You definitely want an expensive purchase to last. That said, if you’re careful with it, it should still last you. Plus, the even heating is arguably worth the risk.

Overall, you can absolutely get something cheaper that will work for you. Ceramic coating on plates is just one cheaper alternative. It has a lot of the same properties as ceramic plates, just without the same level of quality. However, if you’re really after a quality device, since you’ll be styling your hair often, with care, then I think a Paul Mitchell flat iron is a good option.

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