Outfits for Bun Hairstyle

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Change up your style with these outfits for bun hairstyle options. If you want to try out this versatile updo, these great look ideas can help.

A Versatile Look

If you’re wondering what to wear with hair in a bun, the good news is that it’s hard to go wrong. You can change up this hairstyle in so many different ways, to compliment just about any look.

The messy style, for example, is one popular option. With this, you intentionally leave out some strands to frame your face, for a casual look.

You can also do a sleek look, with carefully combed back hair, and tight bun. Or, try something more complicated like a chignon, or a bun with braids.

As you can see, there’s a lot of different versions of this updo that you can do. And each works with multiple looks.

Unfortunately, all that possibility can also lead to difficulties when it comes to styling. If most everything works, it can be hard to narrow down a specific look.

To help you out, here is a basic overview of what style looks good with what clothes:

Messy Updos

As previously mentioned, the focus with messy updos is a casual look. You want to keep everything loose, and be sure to strategically leave out a few strands of hair here and there.

This style is easy to dress up for a more formal look, despite its name. But it does tend to look best with casual clothes. It’s also a particular favorite in summer, since it can help you keep cool as well.

When choosing clothes, one direction you can go is with flowy casual wear. Think feminine or boho vibes. The relaxed fit of these clothes pairs well with more relaxed look of the hair.

You can also go with a slightly more edgy style, so long as it’s relaxed. Choose distressed clothes, or loud, eclectic prints for something more energetic.

Fancy Updos

For fancy updos, like a chignon, more put-together outfits are a good choice. These hairdos tend to look delicate and romantic, so they pair well with clothes that have a similar vibe.

You can obviously take these looks in a more formal direction as well. They’re a great option for paring with simple silhouettes, since they provide a focal point for the look.

Pairing them with off the shoulder or strapless dresses is also a great way to show off your neck and upper body. The same is true for blouses of a similar style.

Sleek Updos

Sleek, slicked back updos provide a more sophisticated look. They’re great for pairing with edgy looks, or for business wear as well.

They work particularly well with really trendy or unconventional styles, since they’re so simple. They allow the outfits to speak for themselves, which is what you want when you want to emphasize your fashion.

For an edgy look, pair them with classic items, like leather jackets. Or you can use them to add a more put-together feel when styling lounge wear.

Alternatively, you can pair them with more formal business attire, like dresses, suits, and blazers.

This style is the prefect, functional choice for business casual. Since everything is swept up and secured, you don’t have to worry about fussing with it throughout the day. And if it’s down well, it will stay put no matter what.

Another great functional aspect of this style is that it can transition easily from day to night. If you’re looking to go from your job to a night out, you won’t have to redo your hair. It will pair just as good with trendy evening wear as it will with your business casual.

Styling Suggestions

Keep in mind that these are just suggestions, not rules. When it comes to what to wear with hair in a bun, the possibilities are endless.

However, it is true that there are some pairings that are better than others. In general, cute outfits pair well with more relaxed styling. And sleeker or more complicated looks pair better with more formal clothes.

The point is to decide what look you’re going for, and choose a style accordingly. But don’t be afraid to get creative. This style is versatile and can easily adapt to a number of looks. So as long as you’re having fun with it, it’s sure to be fashionable.

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