Instant Magic Straightening Brush Review

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As more and more people are becoming their own at-home stylist and beauty experts, it’s really opened the market to a lot of new devices. Companies are experimenting with ways to make things easier, and faster, which is great for us consumers.

The rise of the hair straightener brush is no different. An alternative to the flat iron, it’s designed to get styling done in a flash. If you’re interested in this type of device, here is just one of the many options available.

Tips and Suggestions

Before getting into the device itself, it’s good to note some general information about straighteners, in case you’ve never used one.

In order to get the most out of this type of device, it’s important to understand the limitations. Most of these devices will not give you that perfectly straight style that a flat iron will. Flat irons are just much more effective at getting a large amount of heat directly to the hair, so if you’re after a perfect salon finish, stick to that.

If you want something quick and easy that can help you polish up your hair in the morning, then this device is perfect. It can help tame wavy, or lightly curly hair, and it can also help smooth out naturally straight hair. It will take less time than a straighter, and while it won’t give you flawless results, the finished style should be perfectly fine for casual, day-to-day use.

It’s also important to note that there are some limitations with hair type as well. People with thick, coarse hair are more likely to find this type of tool less effective, if not useless. If you do have thicker or coarser hair and what to try it, I recommend using very small sections of hair at a time.

When using these devices, make sure that you brush your hair beforehand. Although the tool itself is a brush, you’ll risk burning your hair if the heated bristles get caught up on tangles. The general method to straighten your hair is to take a section and make a few quick passes over it with the brush. (Although you want to be sure to read the manual and see the suggested technique for your specific device, since very device is bound to have it’s own quirks.)

InstaMagic Straightening Brush Review


  • Ceramic
  • 450 degree Max temperature
  • anti-scald teeth
  • LED temperature display
  • swivel cord
  • auto-shutoff


The bristles are arguably the most important part of this device, and luckily, the style of bristle that they use here is pretty good. The main surface of the device is covered in heated, ceramic bristles that have safety tips. I prefer this to the other style, which involves mixing non-heated bristles in with the heated ones. I find this less effective, since it limits the amount of direct heat your hair experiences.

The bristles on this one are also wide and thin, which gives you even more heated surface area. This means more heat comes in contact with your hair, which in turn means better, more effective styling.

For non-heated bristles, this device as a ring of them around the brush head. This is a nice touch that can help keep your hair from getting tangled in the heated bristles, and also helps create a even layer out of whatever section you’re styling.

Other Features

Another good point about this device is that it has a high temperature range, and it uses ceramic materials. Ceramic is great because it heats evenly. This can help prevent heat damage on your hair, and also helps make styling quicker.

For the temperature, I like that they provide a good range. Although you should never really need to use the device at 450 degrees, the fact that it does have temperatures upwards of 400 degrees means that it has potential to be useful for coarser hair types.

I also like some of the other convenient additions, like the swivel cord and auto-shutoff. These features are becoming more and more common, which is good since they make styling a little easier.


This device is a good, budget option for anyone who wants to see if a straightening brush can work for them.

A lot of reviews for these products state that they are a great option for younger kids and teens, since it’s harder to accidentally burn yourself with them. This device in particular works for that, since the cheap price means you won’t have any regrets if they break it, or when they graduate to flat irons and curling wands.

I also think it’s good for day-to-day use. If you’re just quickly going over your hair in the morning before you head out, you don’t really need an expensive, salon-style device. A lot of complaints about budget options is that they’re not as effective or as durable; however, they are still capable of getting the job done. For simple use, budget is often better.

Overall, if you have the right hair type and understand the limitations of these devices, then the instant magic straightening brush is a good option.

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