Infiniti Pro Conair Flat Iron Review

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For this Infiniti Pro Conair flat iron review, we’ll be determining if this device is effective. Oftentimes with devices that have good price points, things seem too good to be true. Even if you’re not paying a lot, you still want to know if you’re getting your money’s worth.

If you’re considering this particular straightener, here is an overview of it’s features, as well as a more detailed breakdown of how some of those features can contribute to your hair and styling efforts.

Infiniti Pro Conair Straightener Review

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch Flat Iron

Features Overview

  • Extra-long, 1” floating plates
  • Tourmaline ceramic
  • 455 degrees Fahrenheit maximum temperature
  • Ceramic heater
  • 30 heat settings
  • 15 second heat up
  • Auto shut off

Important Features


The plates on this device are extra-long, which can help make styling quicker. Having longer plates means you can fit more hair in at once, although you should still focus on laying the section of hair flat. If it’s bunched up in one small area on the plates, it won’t be effective.


The material for the plates of this device is tourmaline ceramic. This material is great for keeping your hair healthy, even as you apply heat. Tourmaline produces negative ions, which helps hair retain its natural moisture. This in turn, can give you smoother, shiner styling. Ceramic’s best property is that it heats evenly, which means your styling will be more effective. You don’t have to worry about any part of the section you’re straightening getting too little or too much heat.

These plates are also extra-long compared to the rest of the products in this line. You can use them to straighten more hair at once, which in turn allows you to work with more efficiency. And less time styling is always a plus.

For additional ease, these are floating plates. Floating plates tug less on your hair as you straighten, since they adjust to your movement. This not only makes it easier to style, but can also help your overall look come out smoother.


The other major part of this device that I appreciate is the ceramic heaters. As I said, ceramic has even heating properties. When it heats up, that heat will remain constant as you use it. You don’t have to worry about the spikes you can get from metals. With any flat iron, you want it to maintain its heat. Some devices actually loose heat, or have the temperature fluctuate as you use them. This obviously limits the efficiency of the device. Having ceramic heaters limits some of those worries.


Considering the price point, I think this is a pretty good option, particularly if you have fine or medium hair. The plate materials are helpful for those textures, as are the ceramic heaters. Both of those features together should allow you to maintain hair health even while using heated styling.

The temperature can also get very hot. 450 is usually the standard maximum temperature, so to have 455 is different. However, I can’t recommend that anyone actually do their hair with a device that hot.  455 degrees isn’t really meant for casual, at home styling.

Another aspect I appreciate is the fact that the plates are extra-long and floating. Floating plates are helpful because they can keep your hair from being tugged on too much while styling. They move with the pressure you put on them. This is better for fine or medium hair, since those textures are easy to snag and damage.

Final Thoughts

I would consider this device worth recommending. It would work for a variety of hair types depending on the temperature you used, however I especially like it for fine to medium hair. It has a few features that make it better for styling those types.

Given the price, I think this is an excellent option for anyone who is new to styling or needs something for styling casually. If you’re styling you hair everyday, it’s worth it to invest in something more expensive. This is a better device for someone who needs something dependable and effective, but isn’t as serious about getting salon quality.

Not to disregard this devices capability. It as a few features to make sure that your styling is straight and shiny. Overall, the Infiniti Pro Conair flat iron is a device worth considering.

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