Helpful Hints for Flat Iron Beginners

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New to using a flat iron or feel like you’ve been using one wrong this whole time? No worries! There’s plenty of information out there available to help you in your quest for the perfect style.

Advice For Thick Curly Hair

If you have coarse, thick, or very curly hair, you can check out this tutorial to get you started. She lists her curl type as 4, for reference.

I like this tutorial because she shows you the entire process, even when she straightens the back of her hair! If you’ve never flat ironed your hair before, it’s definitely worth a watch just for that. I also like a lot of the advice that she gives that’s specific for curly hair. She combs out the ends very carefully, and uses small sections. She also shows you exactly what products and devices she’s using.

Of course, you’ll notice the steam rising from the device as she works. For me, this is usually an indicator that the device is too hot, however the right temperature really comes down to a matter of preference. Plus, she’s getting every section done in one pass, so take from that what you will.

Another good think about this tutorial is that she goes back over and curls her hair at the end, so really you’re getting two tutorials in one. (Although, I have to add that I have coarse, curly hair and I can usually straighten and curl at the same time. I would recommend trying that out first in order to limit your heat exposure.)

Overall, the results speak for themselves with this tutorial.

Advice for Fine, Medium, or Damaged Hair

What I like about this tutorial is that she goes into a lot of detail. It’s great for beginners because she adds a lot of extra information that you might not otherwise come across.

Overall, it seems like she’s prioritizing hair health over styling, which I appreciate. It’s important to know how to keep your hair healthy, even if you can’t always follow those restrictions. To that end, she goes over a lot of mistakes that people tend to make and tells you how to correct some of those errors.

That advice makes this a great tutorial for people who find that their hair is getting damaged from their styling. Even if you’re using your device daily, there’s a lot you can do to protect your hair from getting fried.

Flat Iron Hacks

Check out this Good Housekeeping article for some ideas for new ways to use your flat iron. They¬†link to tutorials for multiple styles, from curls to beach waves. They even have a suggestion for using it to iron your shirt collars! It’s definitely worth checking out.

Step by Step Flat Iron Guide

Check out this L’Oreal Paris guide for detailed, step by step instructions for how to flat iron your hair. Where better to learn about how to style your hair than from hair product experts? The article also includes some L’Oreal product suggestions that you can use for each step. If you don’t know where to begin with heat protectant or conditioner, check out this article. Even if you don’t like their products, it can still give you a good idea of what to look for to help keep your hair healthy.

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