Hairstyles for Pink Hair

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Check out these great hairstyles for pink hair. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to showcase this fun color, try these options.  

Keep it Cute  

Since you’re working with a soft, pastel color, why not have your hair match?  

Going for classic, cute, ringlets is a great choice. It’s considered a romantic style, so it’s a perfect complement for this color. You can also do this whether your hair is long or short.  

For longer hair, you’ll want to use a wide barrel curling iron. These are going to give you those large ringlets. For shorter hair, a tapered curling wand is the easier option. With these, you can get close the scalp, for bangs, and pixie cuts.  

And if you want a gentler curl, pull on the ends of each curl after you form them. This will help them loosen up.  

Embrace Accessories  

Although the color will already make a statement, there’s no reason to avoid accessorizing.  

Decorative clips are a great option, because you can wear them however you want. You can wear things like flowers, butterflies, and snowflakes without having to worry too much about placement.  

Another popular option is use them with a side part. You can place them on the thinner side, if you want to display them. Place them on the thicker side for the more practical purpose of keeping it away from your face.  

You can also use these with updos as well. Adding them to a braid, ponytail, or bun can elevate these simple styles. 

Half-Up Half-Down  

This classic style is an easy way to style long to medium locks. 

With this style, you split your hair in the middle, or take just a few pieces from the front, and then secure it behind your head.     

There are a few different methods for this look:   

One option is to use fun clips or accessories. This is a fun way to dress up a plain look.  

For something more styled, you can use a braid.  

This is a really popular option, and it’s fairly easy. Even a basic braid will work. 

To start, take some strands on either side of your head, and create a basic braid. Then, pull the two braids behind you, and secure them together at the back of your head.  

Try Something Edgy  

If you want the color to really stand out, you can try something like a blunt bob. These cuts make a statement even without unusual coloring. If you throw a fun color into that, it becomes a really bold look.  

Another option is to do the shaved head look. With this, you shave a small area of your head, usually around the front quarter. Then, you use a side part to emphasize the lack of symmetry to your cut.  

If you’re not keen on shaving the side of your head, you can try braiding it instead.  

Do a tight French, Dutch, or herringbone braid with the front quarter of your hair, on one side. Then, pin it to the back of your head, or pull up all your locks into an updo.  

This gives you that same, asymmetrical effect, just not as dramatic.  

Be on Trend  

The current trend is for soft waves, which fits this color nicely.  This look is similar to soft curls, but it’s less romantic and more boho.  

One way to do this style is to create tussled, beach hair.  

{ pink hair }

This look is the ideal one of you like that boho style.  

For something a little more styled, you can go with tighter, but still natural waves.  

It’s easy to get either look both with or without heat.  

For straight or wavy hair, you can try just using sea salt spray. These create that piecey, textured look that you want for this style.  

Another popular no-heat option is to simply braid your hair when it’s wet, and let it air dry. The smaller the braids, the more waves you’ll get.  

 If you prefer heated styling, a device like a waver or bubble wand is a great choice. Use these in conjunction with a sea salt spray, to get more texture.  

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