G2 vs Chi Original

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The Chi brand is classic, and known to be dependable. If you’ve decided on purchasing a Chi flat iron, the next question becomes, which flat iron should you purchase? Check out our guide below to help you decide between the G2 vs Chi Original.

The classic Chi flat iron is always a nice choice. Of course, Chi isn’t falling behind on innovation. They’ve got updated models that come with certain perks.

Main Benefits

Here’s the rundown on the main benefits you can expect when you purchase a device from this brand.

Plate Materials

One of the best parts of these devices is the plate materials. Ceramic heats more evenly than just about any other material on the market. When you set the temperature, you know the device is going to reach that heat and maintain it. That makes this material the best one for fine, delicate, or damaged hair.

For thicker or coarser hair, it’s worth noting that a titanium device may be a better option. Titanium, while not as effective at maintaining heat, is more effective at transferring heat. This helps even the most stubborn of hair types submit to styling. However, as someone with medium to coarse, thick hair, I can say that this brand has worked for me, plate material aside.

Sleek Styling

This brand is known for giving you that flawless straight that most people look for with this type of device. Having used this brand personally, I can verify that it’s hard to beat when it comes to the finished styling. My hair has always been shiny and bone straight after using one of these devices.

The Main Difference

When deciding between these two devices, the main difference comes down to titanium. The newer G2 model has titanium added into the ceramic plates.

In theory, this would provide you with the best of both worlds. You would have a plate that heats evenly, and transfers that heat effectively. It should also be more durable, since titanium plates last longer than ceramic ones.

However, I can’t see either material being wildly improved by the other. Because their benefits and downsides are so different, you don’t gain much by adding the two together. Depending on the specific needs of your hair type, you’d probably be better off choosing one material or the other.

Straightener Review

Find out the pros of each device below. Keep reading to see our overall comparison and recommendation for which device you should choose.

Original Chi Flat Iron

CHI Original 1Check Price on Amazon


  • This model comes with the classic, ceramic, one-inch plates.
  • It’s cheaper than the newer models.

G2 Flat Iron

CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic 1Check Price on Amazon


  • Comes with a free thermal pad you can use to rest your flat iron on when not in use.
  • It heats to a higher temperature than the original model.
  • The ceramic plates contain titanium
  • The temperature read out is digital, and comes with color coded temperature settings for different types of hair.
  • The plates are slightly larger than one inch.

Our Comparison

Really, the difference between these two flat irons comes down to whether or not you feel like the extra features are worth the price.

I think most of us can get by with a standard flat iron like the Chi Original. I’ve used similar models in the past, and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on any particular convenience.

That said, the new features are nice if you’re willing to pay for them. It seems like Chi was really looking for a way to make things easier on users. The digital temperature read out is a nice touch. It would be beneficial to new users, or to anyone who might be damaging their hair by using too high of a temperature. I also happen to love the idea of a thermal mat. It makes your flat iron more mobile, since you don’t have to worry about the integrity of whatever surface you rest it on between sections of hair. Plus, you can leave it out to cool completely without worrying that it might cause unintentional harm.

Another notable difference between the two is the plate size. I happen to think one-inch plates are the best size. They’re a good size for both curling and straightening. (In my opinion, one-inch plates produce the same sort of curls that you would expect from a classic curling iron.) The 1.25 plates of the G2 model can certainly be used to curl, but just keep in mind that your curls will obviously be larger. This is really a minor issue, but if you’re used to the way one-inch curls look, keep in mind that they will be different with the G2 iron.

Our Recommendation

For me, I think the Chi Flat iron is enough for an experienced user. There’s no need to pay for extra features if you already know your way around a standard device.

The Benefit of the G2 is more in it’s added convenience, namely the heating mat, digital temperature read out, and more durable plates. Together, these features make it a good device for someone who may not be familiar with a straightener, but can afford a nice one to get started with.

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