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Foxy Bae Flat Iron: it’s Pretty, but is it Effective?

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At the very least, you’re going to know that a foxy bae flat iron looks good. This brand is pretty recognizable for their packaging and striking rose gold devices. Of course, what looks good isn’t always functional. It’s important to know if a device can actually straighten your hair.

Unfortunately, no recommendation is going to work for every hair type and every situation; however, I do think this is a decent device overall. For a more detailed review, see the information below.

Foxy Bae Hair Straightener

FoxyBae ROSE GOLD TRÉS SLEEK Titanium Flat Iron - Digital Temperature Control Ionic Hair Straightener with Auto Shut Off and Quick Heating, Ion plates Hair Straightening, 360° swivel cord


Features Overview

  • Rounded Titanium Plates
  • Spring loaded
  • 450 Degrees Fahrenheit Max temperature
  • 360 swivel cord
  • Auto shut off

Notable Features


Titanium is a good material for thick or coarse hair. The main benefit of metal is its ability to handle heat. In addition to the fact that it can sustain higher temperatures, titanium has a good heat transfer rate, which allows the heat to reach your hair more effectively. This gives you a better hold on your style, and can help you style faster. Titanium is also more durable than materials like ceramic, so your device should last longer.

The downside to titanium is that it doesn’t heat evenly. There’s the potential to get hot spots on your plates. These hot spots can be damaging if you’re not careful, so pay attention to the device as you use it. And always try to use the lowest temperature possible.

Spring Loaded Plates

Spring Loaded plates are helpful because they can keep your hair from tugging as you style it. Ideally, a straightener will pass over your hair easily as you go over a section, but that doesn’t always happen. Depending on the amount of pressure you have to apply, plates can tug and pull on your hair as you move, leading to an overall unpleasant experience. Having springs allows the plates a little freedom to move with you as you guide your device. You can also look for the term “floating plates” if you like this feature.


It doesn’t help the overall function of the device, but it’s worth noting that this is a rose gold straightener. The design is actually very stylish, so if aesthetic is important to you, this device makes for a good option. If you like rose gold, you can also check out our other suggestions here.


Looking over the features, this device seems like a perfectly acceptable titanium option. I like the temperature range and materials for coarse, thick hair especially. It should be effective at straightening even stubborn hair. That said, people with fine or medium hair might be better served by different plate materials like ceramic. Those hair types tend to be more delicate, and might be damaged by the level of heat a titanium device can produce.

I also like some of the other touches they added to make the device easier to use, like the spring loaded plates, swivel cord, and auto shut off. These features are becoming more and more standard with heated styling tools, because they make them a little bit easier to use.

One potential downside is the button placement. In my experience, having the temperature selection on the side is a good way to ensure that you’ll accidentally hit those buttons while styling. It’s easier to avoid when the buttons are between the plates, or on top of the device. Of course, this is more of a minor annoyance than a make or break feature. Just try to be careful you don’t bump them in the middle of styling, and always check the temperature display on the top.

I also want to point out that the price point on this device is high. It’s lower than some other well-known titanium options, but it still might be out of range depending on your budget. If this happens to be the case for you, scroll down to see an alternative, budget option.

Buyer’s Note

The listing says that the device is refurbished. Personally, I don’t mind it since it means you’re getting a deal price-wise, however I do understand that it’s not preferable for some buyers. If refurbished items don’t appeal to you, you can always check out the brand’s website for other options.

Alternative Option

If you’re looking for something more suitable for a smaller budget, consider the device listed below.


KIPOZI Flat Iron



This device is a popular option that has a lot of similar features, including the materials and maximum temperature. It also includes floating plates. The price point on this one is respectably low, so it’s good for anyone who would prefer to operate on a smaller budget. If you’re not sure you’re committed to titanium, or if you just need something for casual styling, then I think this device is a better option. Also, it has a really high amount of positive reviews, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

Final thoughts

Although this device isn’t ideal for more delicate hair types, it’s still a great option. It’s got a lot of features that can help make it more convenient to use. And while titanium comes with its own downsides, it’s a great material for anyone with coarser hair. Of course, the price point might be a downside for some. I do think the foxy base flat iron makes a good choice, just know that there are also cheaper alternatives.

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