Four Easy Bun Hairstyle Tutorials

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Easy Buns

Buns are great for their versatility. Depending on how you style them, they can be casual and cool, or fancy and sophisticated.

Here are four easy bun tutorials to help you achieve whatever style bun you’re looking for.

Quick, Elegant Bun


This side bun is quick and easy. It also looks sophisticated, despite taking very little effort. Even if this isn’t the style you need, I would still recommend checking out the tutorial. It’s a great look to have on hand in case you need it.

Jumbo Bun

This tutorial is great for anyone who loves the look of a good sock bun. I like it because it’s a really easy look to put together if you have thick hair. Thick hair looks great down, but sometimes you just want to get it away from your face and off your shoulders. This is a an easy way to sweep it up while still looking put together.

Top Knot

This is an easy to follow top knot tutorial. A top knot seems pretty straight forward, however if they’re not done correctly, they end up looking a little too casual. This one is cute, and it also works as an easy updo for short hair.

Easy Chignon Bun

This tutorial has a great, easy bun that takes very little effort. The most complicated part of this tutorial is probably the herringbone braid, however the way it’s used leaves you plenty of room for error. Don’t feel like you’d have to be able to do a perfect one to accomplish this look, which is probably good, since the tutorial is in French. But even with the potential language barrier, the video is still easy to follow, and the finished style is very chic indeed.

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