Foldable Curling Iron

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Add some flexibility to your styling with a foldable curling iron. These unique devices make styling your hair easier, no matter what spot you have to reach.

Reasons to Fold

This may seem like a strange feature to include for these devices, but there’s actually a few different benefits.

In terms of styling, these devices are meant to make styling easier. With a traditional iron, you often have to angle your head or your wrists to reach every spot. These curling irons eliminate that need by allowing you to angle the device instead.

For example, when you get to the back of your head, you can adjust the barrel so it sits at ninety degrees. This makes it a lot easier to hold the device and wrap your hair. It sounds like a small convenience, but when you have a lot of styling to do, saving any effort is helpful.

This helps the look of your overall style as well. Angling the device to make things easier helps you achieve more uniform curls. It also makes it easier to get closer to the scalp without burning yourself.

Of course, they do make horizontal wands that you can purchase instead. But the benefit of these devices over horizontal wands is that you have more range.

You can choose from a variety of angles, as opposed to a strict 90 degrees. And you can make those adjustments whenever you want, which is more convenient.

Another practical benefit of this device is that it it’s easier to store. Since you can fold the barrel, it’s easier to put into a drawer or carrying case.

This is much better for travel than purchasing a miniature device. Mini devices tend to have very limited temperature settings, and lack power.

This device takes up about the same amount of space when folded. But it’s fully functional.

Great Options

There are a few different styles for this type of device to choose from. Here are just a few:

Wand Option

Foldable Curling WandFoldable Curling WandCheck Price on Amazon


A wand option like this one gives you the added freedom of not having a clip. That means you can wrap the hair anyway you want.

It’s a good choice if you want this device specifically for the ease of use.

Best Travel Curling Iron

Hair Straightener and Curler Foldable Anti-Frizz Dual Voltage for TravelHair Straightener and Curler Foldable Anti-Frizz Dual Voltage for TravelCheck Price on Amazon


A two in one option like this is perfect if you need something for traveling.

Since it has a shorter barrel and folds in half, it’s easy to pack. It also has flat iron plates, which opens up a wider range of styles.

Of course, this option isn’t a traditional curl iron. If you want something specifically for curls, a wand option like the one above is the better choice.

Hot Air Curling Brush

Dual Voltage Folding Curling Iron BrushDual Voltage Folding Curling Iron BrushCheck Price on Amazon


Another option is to go with a folding hot air hair brush.

The benefit of these options is that they can also be used to dry hair, or to create a blowout. It’s perfect for when you need to add some volume to your hair while traveling.

You can also curl with these devices, although the curls won’t be as perfect as they would with a wand. However, some people still prefer these since they’re easy to use and provide voluminous, natural looking styling.

Choosing Your Device

The main decision for this type of device is whether your priority is travel or styling.

Some folding options are simply meant to make traveling easier. If that’s something you’re after, a two in one device, or a hot air brush is a great choice. These options are functional, and can create a number of different styles.

If you’re priority is styling, then a wand is the best option. These make creating perfect curls and waves easier, by allowing you to reach those trickier spots.

So if you’re looking for convenient, flexible styling, try one of these devices. A foldable curling iron is the perfect way to make your styling routine a little easier.

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