Flowers for Your Hair: Spring and Summer Trend Ideas

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Floral Hair Trends

One popular fashion trend that you see every spring and summer is flowers. Whether it’s floral prints or floral themed accessories, blooms will be everywhere. Hair trends are no different. When it comes to hairstyling, fresh flowers, silk flowers, and floral themes abound.

If you’re looking to incorporate more flowers into your spring and summer looks, here are tips and ideas to help you get the most out of this trend.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are common for weddings and other outdoor events in the spring and summer. They’re typically worn as either flower crowns or as accessories. In general, they work best with thick hair, styled in updos. Fresh flowers can be surprisingly heavy, so you want to have enough hair to support that.

Fresh flowers are definitely the prettiest option, but there’s quite a few things to consider when using them. Because they are a living thing, be aware that they may wilt and fade as the day progresses. There are some ways to combat this, however there’s no perfect solution.

Your best bet is to wait until the last minute before inserting them in your hair. Up until that point, keep the flowers in water, in a cool place. You can refrigerate them, although I wouldn’t recommend storing them that way for more than a day.

After you cut the stems and insert them into your hair, you can spray the blooms with water periodically to keep them fresh. (Just remember that you’ll also be spraying your hair, so don’t go too crazy with this option.) If you’re careful, the flower should last most of the day, if not all day.

Another concern with fresh flowers is insects. If you’re going to be outside with fresh flowers in your hair, just know that you’re probably going to encounter some bugs. Flowers are designed to attract insects to plants; unfortunately, that also means they’ll attract bugs to your hair.

Overall, I wouldn’t consider this a make or break concern, but it is something to be aware of. Just keep an eye out, and if you hear any buzzing nearby, maybe turn your head away.

Styling Tips

You can use multiple stems of fresh flowers if the flowers are smaller.


For fresh flowers, cut the stems at an angle, leaving approximately an inch or more, depending on the hair style. Don’t cut the stems too short, since you need them as a counterbalance to keep the flower from falling. If you’re doing a tight updo, you probably won’t need any extra support; simply insert the stems into your hair.

If you do want some extra support, you can use pins to hold them in place. Run one arm of the pin through the very top of the stem. (Aim for the wider, rounded part just below the flower itself, right above the stem. This is the sturdiest section.) Then, insert the pin into your hair as you usually would.

Keep in mind that the flower will stretch the pin out, so it won’t be useful for holding your style in place. The pin is only there to make sure that the flower stays secure.

Fake Flowers

Fake flowers are a great option if you want a lot of flowers, and you want to style them. Plus, you can keep whatever arrangement you make forever.

These work as an option for every hair type, since they’re so lightweight and can be attached to just about anything.

There are plenty of headbands and hair-clips available online that already have silk flowers attached. However, if you’re relatively crafty, you should also consider making your own hair accessories. It’s not too difficult, and it allows you to make some unique, beautiful pieces.

Silk Flower Tips

Three, white lilies are the perfect accent for this updo.


Silk flowers can be used the same way you would fresh flowers: just as single stems, or grouped together in more complex arrangements; attaching multiple stems together to make a small bouquet or headpiece isn’t uncommon. You can also tape the stems to a headband or hair clip that you already own.

DIY Silk Flower Hair Accessories

Most silk flowers come with wire stems, so you’ll want to make sure you have wire cutters before you get started. This also means that whatever stems you’re using will probably be sharp. Cover the ends of the wires with tape or glue, to protect your scalp.

In order to get those items and a few others you may need, I recommend purchasing a kit like the one below:

floral-arrangement-tool-kitFloral Arrangement Tool Kit

This kit has all the basics. All I would add is a pair of pliers for wrapping the wires.

If you do purchase this kit or a similar one, know that there’s a trick to using the floral tape they provide: you have to pull it as you use it in order for it to get sticky. The technique is to keep tension on the tape as you wrap each stem, pulling a bit on a section before you wrap it. It can be a bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it, pulling and wrapping becomes second nature.

If you’re attaching multiple flowers together, or to another accessory, start by removing as much of the stem as possible. From there, pierce the plastic right beneath the flower with the thinner wire. Use the floral tape to wrap the flower from just above the wire, down however much you need. Then use the wire cutters to trim the rest, and wrap the ends of the wires with tape. You’ll be able to wrap the wire around whatever you need from there. You can also wrap the wires together, or around the accessory, and tape it afterwards.

The same process actually works for fresh flowers as well, if you’d prefer to to a design with those.

In this example, fresh stems of baby’s breath and other flowers have been taped onto a thick wire using green floral tape.


How to Choose the Right Flower

In general, the fresh flowers that you’ll be using in your hair are going to be roses, lilies, daisies, carnation, orchids, or baby’s breath. These are the most common types, and are the easiest to find, even in places like your local grocery store’s floral department.

Roses, orchids, and lilies are all very formal flowers. They’re gorgeous, and give off an air of sophistication and femininity. This makes them perfect for weddings and other important events.

For more bohemian, casual vibes, daisies and carnations are a better bet. They’re cute and girly, making them ideal for a summer flower crown or quick accessory.

Baby’s breath is more of a catch-all; you can dress it up or dress it down. Fresh, these flowers have long, skinny stems, which makes them easy to work with. They also won’t show wilt the way a rose or a daisy will, so they’re great if you need to wear them for an extend time, even multiple days.

 Flower Hair Trend

While it’s common to reach for something metal and shiny, flowers make an equally beautiful hair accessory. They can add glamour to a formal updo, or bring some earthy chic to causal styles.

Working with fresh or silk flowers can be a little tricky if you’re not used to them, but with a little practice, it’s easy to manage. Just make sure you’re aware of the benefits and limitations of each type.

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