Flat Iron with Blue Plates

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Add some color to your hair tools with a flat iron with blue plates. These tools are an interesting and effective option for heat styling your hair.

Why this Color?

You may be wondering about the benefits of using this color for straighteners, as opposed to any other. There are, after all, copper, red, black, rose gold, and even pearl straighteners.

What makes this color different from all of those?

The answer is nothing. In this case, as with many other colors like black, red and rose gold, it’s just for aesthetics.

It doesn’t add any functional value to have one color over another. And in this case, the color doesn’t indicate any special materials, that might have specific benefits.

Of course, purchasing something simply for the aesthetics isn’t an inherently bad choice. Straighteners that have this color will still work to straighten your hair, color aside.

Flat Irons with Blue Straightening Plates Inside

Here are some great options to consider if you enjoy this color:

HAI Classic Convertable Professional Flat IronHAI Classic Convertable Professional Flat IronCheck Price on AmazonBIO IONIC Onepass Styling IronBIO IONIC Onepass Styling IronCheck Price on Amazon


Hai Flat Iron Reviews

If you’re not looking for this color on its own, you may actually be searching for a particular brand.

Hai is the brand most commonly associated with this color. Their uniquely colored plates is one of their signatures, although the brand has other benefits to offer.

The Hai convertible ceramic flat iron is one popular option. (Click the link above for more information on this straightener.)

Here’s more information on this brand:

Benefits of Hai Straighteners

What sets these apart is their impressively wide range of temperatures. You can select a temperature anywhere from 250 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

That covers most hair types, which makes this a versatile option. You can also use it to do various styles, including waves, curls.

The other distinguishing factor is that their plates are made from ceramic. In terms of materials, ceramic is the ideal choice for delicate hair types. If you find that your thin or fine hair gets damaged easily, this material should be at the top of your list.

That’s because ceramic is so effective at heating evenly. You’re not going to get hot spots, where one part of the device is reading at a much hotter temperature than the rest. It also doesn’t transfer heat as effectively as metal, which makes it the safer option.

Even heating is better for styling as well. Since the temperature is consistent, your hair should straighten consistently.

This particular device also offers a lot of very low temperatures. With temperatures starting at 250 degrees, you have plenty of safe temperature options for delicate hair. That’s a welcome change from some other devices, which often start at 300 degrees.

Brand Comparison

Chi is perhaps, the better-known ceramic brand, depending on who you ask. Devices for both brands come in at similar price points, and have similar features.

The main difference is that most Chi devices only reach around 400 degrees. That makes them very limiting for people coarser hair.

Hai offers temperatures above 400 degrees which makes them more versatile, in terms of hair type. However, for really coarse or stubborn hair, titanium is still the better choice.

Choosing Your Best Flat Iron

The reality is that most flat irons offer the same basic benefits. And most heated styling tools will work for basic usage.

That’s why, when it comes time to make your decision, you need to consider your preferences and needs.

The main thing is your hair type. Certain materials work better for certain hair types. While you can absolutely use ceramic for coarse hair, it’s not the most effective choice. And for fine, delicate hair, metal can be too damaging.

But things like brands and appearances do matter. You want to make sure you’re using a brand that you enjoy, and that your trust. And of course, having it look cute is always a nice aspect.

So if you want a device in this color, just for the sake of the color, embrace that. There’s nothing wrong with that, and there are a few options available.

Luckily, some of those options happen to come from respectable brands as well. That way you can get a quality device that both looks good, and styles well.

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