Flat Iron Curl Tutorial

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Curling Your Hair

One thing I love about flat irons is how versatile they are. When I was just getting into styling my hair more often, I only ever used a flat iron. I still prefer one to a curling iron for quick styling. There’s just something easy and comforting about having whatever you need available in one device.

Nothing makes that point better than a good hair tutorial. There are plenty out there, and a lot of manufacturers actually produce ones for specific devices. A quick search should help you find whatever look or review your looking for.

One I enjoy for maximize your straighteners potential, is this one:

I love this tutorial for covering just about every curl type there is, including some trendy ones like pencil curls, which I had no idea existed. There’s even aluminum foil curls, which, even after watching, I would still probably steer clear of.

I usually do loose curls since they’re easier and look better on me. I had no idea you can do things like pin curls and beach waves just as easily in a flat iron. Plus, she’s using the same device for every curl. It’s not like she switches out to a different flat iron half way through, and the device itself looks pretty standard.

One complaint I have is that she’s doing the tutorial on a practice dummy, which is easier since you don’t have to deal with working in a mirror, reaching around the back of your head, or trusting your non-dominant hand. And obviously the practice dummy has easy hair to work with, since it’s straight, not too coarse, and not too thin. I’m sure a lot of us would be able to achieve perfect styles if our own hair was that cooperative.

Those circumstances aside, I still feel like this tutorial is accessible, and helpful. Yes, you’re going to have to endure the difficulty of mastering those curls on your own head. (At one point in the video she recommends using a heat resistant glove, which I wholeheartedly second. ) However, she proves that you can do them all with one device, that doesn’t require any outrageous bells and whistles.


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