Easy Updo Ideas for Long Curly Hair

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Long curly hair is gorgeous, but sometimes it can be a real pain to style. When It’s hot out, or when you want to show off your face, or when you’re just honestly tired of having that curtain of hair around you, it can be difficult to figure out how to get it all into an updo that looks stylish.

Luckily, it’s still very much possible. Here is a list of a few tutorials and guides to check out in order to see how to style your long, curly hair.

(Note: you see on some of these tutorials that they are using a standard, elastic hair band. These can be pretty damaging on curly hair, since they tend to break the strands. Most people recommend scrunchies instead, since anything with a wider width is going to be safer for your hair. But if you do prefer an elastic and find it easier to use, just make sure you’re being careful. )

Top Knot

One potential downside of this tutorial is that she doesn’t go into a lot of detail about what products she’s using, or what she’s doing in the video. And it can be difficult to watch the tutorial while watching out for the instructions that pop up at the bottom. However, it’s not a huge deal since the technique is fairly simple. Even without the narration, it’s still probably the easiest tutorial I’ve seen, and the end result is an adorable bun. I highly recommend this tutorial.

Easy Updos and Accessories

I like this tutorial because it shows you how to use accessories and different types of clips. That’s not something that people get into a lot on tutorials, so it’s nice to see one every now and then. I also like that she has bangs, for anyone interested in how to style their curly hair bangs. Plus, what she shows you is actually only a few, easy hair styles that you need to master. From there she shows you how to convert those into multiple looks. This allows you to have a lot of variety without actually needing a lot of skill. In that sense, it’s a great tutorial for people who are just getting into styling their hair.

Casual and Stylish Updos

I like this video because the updos are simple, but they’re still pretty stylish. You could easily dress them up with the right outfit or accessories and wear them for a night out. Plus, it seems like these styles would work well on multiple hair types.

Extra Inspiration

If you’re already an excellent hairdresser in your own right, check out this list for plenty of inspiration. It’s not really a tutorial list, so don’t expect a lot of help to create these looks. However, if you’re accustomed to doing your hair, there are plenty of styles ranging from cute to fancy.  I also like that they cover a lot of different hair types. Anyone with any hair type should be able to find something cute off of this list.

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