Easy Hairstyles for Girls to do at Home

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If you’re looking for easy hairstyles for girls to do at home, watch these great tutorials.

When styling at home, you need something that’s not too complicated, and that can be completed without any extra help. Having styles that are heatless, or that don’t require braiding are often popular.

The following tutorials are a great resource for beginners, the styling challenged, or anyone who wants something they can easily do on their own.

Styles for Medium Length Hair

This video has tons of great styles for medium length hair. None of them take too much work, or require special tools that you wouldn’t already have at home. They’re perfect for someone who is just getting into styling, and needs something easy to practice.

I like that she also gives plenty of product recommendations. It’s always great when the person doing the tutorial shares what makes their hair look good. She has a lot of little tips and tricks like these spread throughout the video.

 Heatless Styles

The person giving this tutorial has long hair, but most of the styles she creates would work with a variety of hair lengths.

The styles she demos are all basic styles that look put together. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to do fancier looks, but isn’t good at styling.

She also includes a variety of styles, from half up half down looks, to updos like buns and braids. It’s a great resource for when you don’t have a lot of time, and aren’t sure how to do your hair.

No Braid Styles

For anyone who can’t make sense of braiding, here are some quick styles to try out. None of them require braids, but there are a lot of twist styles. Twists are like the beginner’s braid, so give these styles a try if braiding is too intimidating for you.

Other than the twists, these styles are easy to achieve, and look great! Most of them would also double well as a way to disguise unwashed hair, so they’re worth learning. You never know when you might need a style for uncooperative hair.



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