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Who said flat irons have to be flat? One interesting development in straighteners has been the curved plate flat iron. The plates on these devices are rounded in one way or another, which can help you achieve a number of different styles, in addition to still straightening your hair!

When looking for this sort of device, you have two main options. One is device that’s completely rounded. For this option, one half of the heated elements are convex, and the other half is concave. The two halves fit together when closed, to make a little C shape. This option presents a lot of different potential styles. You can obviously use it for the standard flips, curls, and waves, but you can also use it for volumizing. If you apply it to the hair nearest your scalp, it can provide a little extra lift.

This makes it a good option for people with fine hair. Fine hair usually needs that lift near the scalp to give it a full-bodied look. Even thick, fine hair can fall limp when not styled properly. This device saves you the trouble of buying a volumizer separately, as it can volumize, straighten, and curl in one device.

The other option simply has rounded sides on the heated elements, but is otherwise standard. It operates pretty much the same way as a regular straightener. You may experience a difference in curling though, and it should be easier to achieve a flip at the end of your hair. It’s also purported to help you by not leaving dents in your hair. If you find that your curling or straightening is leaving indents in your hair, then this would be a product to consider investing in.

If you’re interested in knowing more about either type of straightener, here are a few options that are available for purchase:

BaByliss C Styler Straightener

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium C Styler, 1.5 Inch



  • Max temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 50 temperature settings
  • Titanium
  • 5” heated element length
  • 1 ½” width
  • Convex concave style


Although you do want to be careful with how high of a temperature you use, I like that this on has a higher max temperature. I also like that the heated elements on this device are longer than what you usually find. It really depends on your preference, but some people find it more efficient, since you can fit more hair into one pass.

Final Thoughts:

On the whole, this strikes me as being a quality option. It’s got good features, and a few extra touches that should make it easier to use.

One downside is that the main material is titanium. Titanium tends to have less benefits for your hair than other plate materials and coatings, like tourmaline. However, titanium is also more durable, so at least you can be confident that you won’t have any cracking or issues with the heated portions.

My other issue is the price point. It might be out of budget for some shoppers. That said, I think it’s still a good option, and worth considering.

Buyers Guide:

The listing includes another option that is a standard flat iron, so double check when making your selection.

Andis Rounded Plate Flat Iron

Andis 1-Inch Professional Curved Edge Tourmaline Ionic Hair Flattening Iron, Black (67410)



  • Rounded edges
  • 450 degrees Fahrenheit max temperature
  • 20 heat settings
  • Tourmaline


This option fits into the second category of being closer to a standard straightener, just with rounded edges. This device doesn’t have anything super unique, but it does seem like a decent option for the price. The max temperature is high, and it has a lot of temperature options. It also has tourmaline in the plates, which can hep keep hair moisturized as you’re styling.

Final Thoughts:

I like this as a nice budget option. It’s got some strong points, like the temperature, and I do prefer the tourmaline coating on the heated elements.

CHI Volumizing Flat Iron

MISS UNIVERSE Style Illuminate by CHI Titanium 3/4 Inch Volumizing Iron



  • Titanium
  • Convex Concave Style
  • ¾ inch width


The main difference with this option is the width. It’s one of the smallest sizes available in this style, and in a standard straightener for that matter. This would obviously create tighter curls, so it’s a good option for anyone who prefers that style. I also think it would be better for volumizing, since the lift you’re creating by the scalp would be smaller, and therefore subtler. I don’t think it would be as useful for flips or waves however, since you typically want a wider width so that the style isn’t too extreme.

Final Thoughts:

This one is definitely for a bigger budget, but with a well-known brand like CHI, that’s to be expected. You can definitely get a cheaper option; however, a lot of people don’t mind paying extra for the name and the reputation that comes with it.


This type of straightener is a good way to break up the standard type that we’re all used to. It’s not going to make a substantial difference if you’re just straightening your hair, however it is good for a few other things. It’s particular useful as a volumizing straightener, and some may find it preferable for curling and flipping. With these benefits, it’s worth taking an extra moment to consider purchasing a curved plate flat iron.

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