Curling Iron That Looks Like Beads

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Looking for a curling iron that looks like beads? Find out everything you need to know about bubble wands here.

These unique curling wands have spheres along the barrel, as opposed to the more common conical or tapered shapes. They have a few different names, however the most common one is bubble wand.

Benefits of a Bubble Wand

What sets these options apart is that they create bouncy, more natural looking curls.

This is due to the differences in width throughout the barrel. With the spheres, you have a very wide barrel. And in-between them, you have a narrow one.

As such, any curl you make will also have that same variation in width.

It’s important to note that this is different from a tapered wand. With these, the width gradually changes from bigger to smaller, down the length of the curl. For bubble wands, the width is more random throughout.

Those random variations are what give the curls a more natural look. They’re not going to be those perfect coils you get with a more traditional device.

Overall, it’s a better option if you’re going for more of an effortlessly styled look.

How to use Bubble Wand

Despite their odd shape, there’s no special technique necessary for these devices.

You use a bubble wand the same way you would use any other wand. You simply wrap your hair around the barrel, hold it for a few seconds, and then release.

For typical curls, you don’t have to pay attention to placement. Just wrap the hair in whatever way you see fit.

But you can also be more intentional with your placement if you want to get different looks.

Wrapping your hair between the spheres gives you tight spiral curls. They should be narrow, with a lot of bounce to them.

Wrapping your hair only on the spheres gives you a wavier look. It’s a good style to brush out if you want beachy waves.

Bubble Wand Options

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There’s not a substantial difference from one device to the next with bubble wands. Choose whichever one fits your budget, or whichever brand you trust more.

If you want to be more careful with your selection, watch for these things:

  • Space between spheres
  • Sphere shape
  • Device width

The shape of the spheres and the space between them will create slight differences in styling.

For example, a device that has less rounded spheres will create more of a wavy look. While rounded spheres give a bouncier look.

Having a wider space between spheres is what creates a more natural look. You can get parts of your curl really narrow, while other parts will be wider. It also allows you to curl between spheres, for spiral curls.

Less space between spheres creates a more uniform look.

In terms of width, most devices have a max width of one inch, though there are larger ones. A wider device will give you looser curls, which is better for waves, or more subtle styling.

Choosing your Wand

Luckily, the differences between these devices are minor. Regardless of which one you choose, these devices can give you bouncy, natural looking curls.

So if you want something new for your hair, give that strange curling iron that looks like beads a try.

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