Crochet Hair Clips

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Add some charm to your next look with crochet hair clips. These fun barrettes are the perfect way to make any style look cuter.

People are used to seeing this particular craft in sweaters, hats, blankets, and cardigans. It’s certainly not the first thing you’d think of for a barrette.

However, crocheting can actually be used to create a wide variety of items. It’s just as common to use it for small plush animals as it is warm clothes.

And of course, you can also use it to make accessories.

With these, crocheting can be used to create the body of the barrette, or to add embellishments. Often time, you’ll see options with fun yarn plushies, in bright colors. They’re usually cute things like animals, flowers, or bows but anything is possible.

Crochet Hair Barrettes

There are a lot of different styles and colors available for these accessories. But for the widest possible selection, it’s good to dip into handcrafted items as well. You’ll be able to find colors and patterns that are more unexpected or unusual.

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Styling Ideas

By now you might be thinking that you remember seeing one such option on a baby. The cutesy style of these barrettes is certainly a great choice for newborns.

Lately though, they’ve become a trending item for all ages. You can also use them as an accent for a variety of aesthetics, like boho or shabby chic.

They also pair well with flowery, flowy items, like printed blouses and skirts. Anything that has a soft, feminine look will match.

If you don’t want to risk looking childish, you can pair them with other barrettes as well. Use one as a focal point, and then accent it with pearl or rhinestone barrettes, for a more polished look.

Or, you can try and use them to soften a more edgy look. For example, you can pair them with plain, metallic pins for some fun contrast.

Other Options

If barrettes are not your style, you can try ties instead. Crochet hair ties are one popular option.

With these, you have a standard elastic or scrunchy, just with a yarn embellishment. You can also go with headbands, if you want something a little bolder.

Both of these options are great if you just want an easy way to dress up a casual hairstyle.

And don’t forget that these make a great DIY project as well. There are plenty of crochet hair accessories pattern freebies available. And since these are small projects, they’re good for beginners and veterans alike.

Cute Accessories

Overall, these versatile accessories are a great option for anyone looking to add a touch of cuteness to their style. They’re appropriate for all age ranges, and they suit a variety of styles as well.

So try out crochet hair clips, and enjoy these charming accessories.

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