Cool but Easy Hairstyles for Beginners

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When you first get into styling your hair, all the different braids, twists, and techniques can be a bit overwhelming. For beginners especially, you want cool, but easy hairstyles that you can wear regularly. Here are my favorite tutorials for hairstyles that look good, but don’t require a lot of skill.

Easy Bun Tutorial

For beginners, buns are probably the best starting place. They can help you get used to manipulating your hair, as well as securing hairstyles in place.

I chose this tutorial in particular because she has fairly average hair in terms of texture, curl, and length. In that regard, the video should work for most people. She does address some options for people who have finer, straight hair as well. For ladies with thicker, curlier hair, I still found the tutorial effective, although you may need to add some more pins to support your hair.

I like how she shows a lot of different options for how you can add subtle changes to your looks by tugging, pulling, and pinning. These are all helpful techniques that will allow you to customize your looks as you start to get into more complicated styles. She also shows the front and back of her hair as she works; it gives you a better feel for how the hair should look not just in it’s finished style, but also while in process.

Easy Spring Hairstyles


This tutorial offers an array of styles that are a little more complex, but still easy to do. She does add in some braiding techniques, but I like that she takes the time to explain them. And although she’s doing it on thick, curly hair, the basic styles should still work with all hair types.  Plus, I love how creative she is with accessorizing her looks.

A lot of the techniques she uses are ones that you’ll need to master before moving on to more advanced hairstyles, so I recommend at least checking it out, even if you’re not a fan of the finished looks.

Quick Cool Styles

I like this tutorial because, while difficult in some parts, it’s useful.

One aspect that I like is that she shows you how to convert some of the looks into other styles. That way, if you can master certain techniques, you have a lot more options for what you can do.

Of course, mastering those techniques is the difficult part. She does explain how to do a basic braid, and a dutch braid, it’s just a little difficult to understand. Still, I appreciate that she explains it at all. Most videos just tell you to braid your hair and then move on. Like the previous video, she also adds some accessories later on, which I love. Hair accessories are cute, but they don’t show up in a lot of tutorials.

Overall, while not the easiest tutorial, I think it’s helpful and worth checking out. At the very least, it’s entertaining.

Lazy Styles for Unwashed Hair

This is a great video not only for beginners, but also for anyone who is too lazy to be bothered. (Understandable, really.) She goes through various buns and twist styles, which would work for any hair type. And best of all, they can be used even when your hair is an unwashed, greasy mess.

Most of the styles can be done by anyone, at any skill level, and she does give explanations for the parts that are more complicated.

The most difficult technique she uses are cornrows. Unfortunately, she doesn’t really go into detail on how to form them. I would recommend searching up a tutorial specifically for cornrows first, if you want to do those looks. Although it does seem like they would be easy to recreate with a more basic braid if you want to try that instead.

Hair Hacks

While this video doesn’t really have a lot of styling ideas, I included it because it offers some helpful, general hair advice. There are little things she talks about, like how to part your hair, and how to add volume, that can help you out. Plus, the styles she does show are so basic and easy that any beginner should be able to use them.


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