Conair Straightening Brush Review

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Read our Conair straightening brush review to see if these devices will work for you. As an alternative to a flat iron, this tool can help make styling your hair faster and easier.

In general, these sorts of devices won’t get your hair as flawlessly pin straight as a flat iron. If that’s the look that you’re after, I would try something else. However, if you just need something to touch up your hair in the morning, this is great.

The convenience is the main benefit here. You don’t have to fuss as much with this device. Simply brush your hair and you’re done.  Of course, there are a few other things involved, but most people do find these easy to use.

If you’re curious about straightening brushes, here’s one affordable option available for sale.

 Conair Ceramic Smoothing Brush Review

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Diamond-Infused Ceramic Smoothing Hot Brush/Straightening Brush; Black



  • Ceramic Coating
  • Ion Generator
  • Multiple bristle types


  • Low Maximum Temperature
  • Less heated bristles
  • Not as effective for thick or coarse hair

For more detailed information, see our full review of the features and functionality below.

Important Features


The heated element of this device has a diamond infused ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is not as effective as true ceramic heating elements, however it should still give you steady, even heat.

Ion Generator

This particular feature is an excellently sci-fi way of saying that the device provides your hair with negative ions. Most devices on the market come with some form of negative ion material, and for good reason. Negative ions help lock in more of your hair’s natural moisture, which can keep it looking smooth and shiny as you style. This device doesn’t have any materials that inherently produce negative ions, like tourmaline or titanium, so it’s nice that they added this feature.


Arguably, the bristles are the most important element of a hot brush. I like that this device has a few different types of bristles on it. There’s nylon and silicon in addition to the ceramic. Presumably, the nylon and silicone ones are unheated, and are there to protect your scalp was well as act like traditional comb teeth.  In that regard, I really like the addition of the bristles along the side of the device. These should help separate your hair more effectively, and make it easier to pass the brush over a section.

One small complaint that I have is the type of bristle for the heated portion. I prefer devices that have heat resistant tips on the bristles. These are good for making sure that they don’t burn your scalp. They also maximize the amount of contact your hair makes with the heat, since it allows more room for heated bristles.

This device uses a different style, where the unheated bristles are taller than the heated ones. This should still make it safer to use. However, it means that there are less heated bristles, and you’ll have to be careful to avoid coming in contact with anything hot. As for which one is better, that’s really a matter of preference. Just know that there are multiple styles available.


This device has a 400 degrees Fahrenheit max temperature, with three heat settings. I would consider 400 to be a lower maximum temperature.

My main concern as someone with thick, coarse hair, is that I would have to consistently make multiple passes. This means more overall heat exposure, which is obviously bad. 

However, you definitely want to avoid using high heat as much as possible. Theoretically, the design of this device would also mean more heat is getting to the surface of your hair, so you wouldn’t need the higher heat anyway.

That said, if your hair is very stubborn, you might consider an option with a higher maximum temperature, just in case you need it.

Hair Type

If you have fine or thinner hair, then I think this one is a viable option.  In fact, I would recommend at least trying one out, since it should be able to help maintain or create volume. With this device, you’re separating the hairs as you go. This should give you a little more lift than you would get by pressing the sections between two flat iron plates.

However, the bristles as well as the temperature prevent me from recommending this as a product that would be good for thick or coarse hair. I don’t think they really maximized the heated surface area, and the temperature setting might not be high enough for some users.  If you do want to use the device as someone with thicker or coarser hair, then I stress that you should section out your hair well. You’ll probably only be able to do small sections at a time effectively.

As for the level of curl you have, I think this device is best for people with wavy or mostly straight hair who just need something quick and easy to touch up with in the morning. I don’t see it being as effective for people with really tight curls.

Final Thoughts

This may not be the ideal option for a wide range of hair types, however I do think it’s an effective device. If your hair seems like it would cooperate, then I don’t have any issues recommending this device. Just keep in mind that you should follow the technique they suggest in the manual, and be cautious with the heated elements. All told, this Conair straightening brush review recommends this device as a good option for anyone with an appropriate hair type.

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