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Conair Nano Silver Flat Iron: Original and Alternatives

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The Conair Nano Silver flat iron is a pretty interesting device. While there are a variety of materials available, this particular metal isn’t something you see as often. You do see titanium with ceramic heaters, but it’s rarer to see a metal and ceramic blend on the plates.  There are alternatives available, however they can be few and far between.

If you’re curious to see if this type of device might work for you, here is a list of features and how they can contribute to hair health and styling.

Nano Silver Flat Iron Review

Conair Pro Nano Silver Ceramic Tools Ionic Straightening Iron, 1 3/4 Inch

Features Overview

  • Max temperature 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 50 heat settings
  • Ion generator
  • Ceramic silver blend plates
  • 9ft 360 swivel cord

Important Features

Ceramic silver

The key focus of this device is the plate material. The plates come with a mix of ceramic particles and silver. Silver is useful because it generates negative ions. These are good for locking in hair’s natural moisture, which in turn keeps hair healthy and shiny. The ceramic particles are good for keeping heat even. This means you get the benefits of metal plates, which can heat quickly, along with the benefits of ceramic, which can keep heat steady.

This combination also means that hair will glide smoothly through the plates.

Ion Generator

In addition to the negative ions found in the plates, this device also has an ion generator. As I said, negative ions are helpful for hair health. They essentially seal the cuticle as you straighten, which keeps the hair from drying out. Typically, you see materials like tourmaline used in straighteners, in order to get a high amount of negative ions. Since this device doesn’t have that, they included the ion generator. It’s a nice touch that should contribute to you achieving a shiny, smooth finish on your hair.

Far infrared

In this case, ceramic is also good for generating infrared heat. Infrared benefits the hair by heating it from the inside out. In doing so, you don’t have to expose the hair to as much heat, since it’s heating more effectively. This is good for hair health, since you want to limit heat exposure as much as possible. It should also help your style hold better.


I think this would be an effective device for multiple hair types. The ion generator and ceramic are both good for fine to medium hair, while the addition of metal and the high heat capability of the device are both good for coarse hair. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean it would be the most effective device for every situation. For very fine hair, I would still recommend pure ceramic. For very coarse hair, titanium is probably the most effective.

That said, the plates are unique. There aren’t really a lot of options for a metal and ceramic blend, so I think it’s worth considering.

My one complaint would have to be the price point. Although I like all the features, it’s a high price point. As such, I would recommend this more for someone who wants to use the device regularly.  If you’re straightening every day, you want a quality device that’s going to keep your hair healthy. Also, if you’re just using the device casually, you can get by with a cheaper model.

If that suits you more, here is one model that has similar features without the same price point.

NITION Tourmaline Straightener

NITION 1 inch Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Nano Silver Argan oil Hair Straightener LED 300°F-450°F Digital Pro Hair Straightening Iron MCH 10s Fast Heating-up,Champagne Gold


  • Ceramic coated plates with nano silver and tourmaline
  • Floating plates
  • 60-minute auto shut off
  • 360 degree swivel cord


This device is a good option for anyone who just wants to try out these features before committing to a more expensive device. It has similar features, with plates that are coated in a combination of ceramic, silver and tourmaline. The tourmaline means you’ll also still get the benefits of a high number of negative ions.

It also has good reviews, so if you want something more casual, or just want to see if silver might work for you, this is worth considering as an alternative.

Final Thoughts

While the price is more suited to someone who is serious about their styling, I wouldn’t count this device out. It’s unique blend of metal and ceramic on the plates could lead to easier, healthier styling. Overall, I don’t have trouble recommending Conair nano silver flat iron, just make sure that the features are right for you.

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