Conair Curling Wand Review

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INFINITIPRO Conair Curling Wand

I remember getting a curling wand when they were first becoming popular, and being quite surprised by it. I’d used a standard curling iron up to that point, and truly the little clasp that closed over your hair, and that you had to prop open to wrap and unwrap your hair, was a pain.

There are plenty of curling wands on the market now, with this Infinitipro by Conair being one of many. This wand doesn’t come with a lot of updated features, but it’s still a viable option for anyone wanting a standard curling wand.

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand


  1. The wand barrel tapers from one inch near the base, to half an inch at the end.
  2. The heat up time is only thirty seconds.
  3. The barrel is made from tourmaline ceramic.
  4. It’s pink! I can’t hate a pink hair wand.


  • With a thirty second heat up, you won’t have to wait that long to start curling your hair. It’s a nice feature that makes the device more convenient overall.
  • The tapering wand does allow for some customization of curl size. (In theory, you would be able to use the different parts of the barrel to get wider or thinner curls, although I’m not sure how well it would actually work.) Tapering is also supposed to make the curls look more natural, since most natural curls aren’t perfectly uniform all the way through.
  • In my experience, tourmaline ceramic is a good material. It does help eliminate frizz, and makes hair shiny.


  • The wand only has four or five temperature settings. This isn’t good if you’re used to more control. Most heated styling tools have digital readouts that allow you to heat the device to just about any temperature you desire. However, this could still be considered a pro since deciding on what temperature to use will be pretty easy. It’s really a matter of personal preference.
  • The manufacturer claims you can get many different curl styles–such as beach waves, tight curls, or a dreamy style–although in my experience with curling wands, the curls are the same regardless. Really, the most customization you get is the amount of hair you curl at once, which would obviously change your style. Of course, that might just be my experience.


There really aren’t any bells and whistles with this curling wand. It’s a straightforward, functional heated styling tool. With only a few temperature options, there’s nothing complex about turning it on, and it heats in a quick thirty seconds. It’s simple, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re in the market for a curling wand, and aren’t really familiar with other types of heated styling tools, this is probably a good purchase. Even if you are familiar with flat-irons or other types of curling devices, this one should provide a good introduction to curling wands. Now, if you’re an avid user, I think it would be better to invest some more money in a more sophisticated device–not necessarily because they will be better, but because you’ll already know what you’re doing at that point and be able to appreciate some of the subtle changes and nicer features.

Overall, it’s a viable option, particularly if you’re a beginner, or just starting to get into the curling wand trend. It’s great to try out and experiment with, before committing to curling wands.

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