Christmas Hair Bands Accessories and Scrunchies

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For anyone who loves the holidays, but prefers to accessorize lightly, check out these Christmas hair bands, accessories and scrunchies.

The best part of elastics is that they can be used daily. Rather than novelty Christmas hair accessories, which tend to be bolder, these can be used casually. They’re an ideal way to add some holiday cheer to your day-to-day looks.

Here are the products that we liked:

Holiday Themed Elastics

DDazzling Girls Unicorn Hair Ties Elastic Hair Ties Party Favors (Red Green White)button-check-price


This style of elastic is popular because it limits snags. This is especially important for people with fine or thin hair. But the other benefit of this type of elastic is that you can see their colors and prints clearly. And this set also happens to be perfect for mixing and matching if you want to wear multiples.

Double Band with Charms

Jeakmo Women Girls Christmas Santa Tree Elk Double Rubber Headband Hair Ring Ponytail Holder Scrunchies Elastic Hair Bands Scrunchy Hair Ties Ropes Scrunchie size Santa Clausebutton-check-price


These elastics are doubled up with red and green, and include holiday themed charms. They’re really cute, but this style of elastic is not good for preventing breakage. If you’re not careful, your hair can get caught on the charms and beads or get wrapped up in the elastic. This is especially an issue for fine hair or curly hair, since these hair types tend to have issues with this style of elastic.

That said, if you want to use these, just make sure you’re being cautious and keeping it wrapped loosely. You can use a plain elastic to hold your hair securely, and then wrap this one over that. Another good option would be to use this at the bottom of a style like a braid, to keep it secure. In that position, it’s easy to wrap and remove, and it’s highly visible. This allows you to keep your hair safe, and show off this adorable accessory.

Fur Trimmed Scrunchie

Christmas Red Velvet and White Fur Trim Hair Scrunchie Bobble Elastic Hair Band by Pritties Accessoriesbutton-check-price


This fur trimmed scrunchie is perfect for holiday parties. The fabric is very similar to the one we’re used to seeing on Santa hats or costumes. It’s perfect if you want the look without having to wear a hat that’s guaranteed to draw attention and make your head sweat.

Scrunchies are also a better choice for delicate or curly hair. The larger surface area makes it less likely for your hair to caught up, or to break from the pressure of the elastic.

Ugly Sweater Scrunchie

Ugly Christmas Sweater Scrunchies Cotton Ponytail Holders Hair Ties Scrunchie King Made in the USAbutton-check-price

Ugly Sweater parties are popular throughout the holiday season, and for good reason. Their fun and casual, so why not add a little extra fun with your scrunchies as well? This scrunchie is the perfect accent to whatever look you’re going for, be it at a party or just for running errands. Plus, like the previous option, it’s safer for all hair types.

The Best Elastic for You

These elastics are the perfect Christmas hair accessories for adults. They’re a great option for Christmas hair decorations that can be used with your daily looks, and not reserved just for parties.

When shopping, just make sure you’re paying attention to how the elastic will work for your hair type. If you want to go with an option that has a smaller band, or includes charms, use caution. Pay attention when wrapping it so that you don’t cause unnecessary damage. For delicate, fine, or curly hair, try to choose something that has a lot of surface area, so that it won’t tangle in your hair or put too much pressure on the individual strands.

Overall, there are plenty of cute options that can be used with multiple hair types. With a little searching, you’re sure to find one that speaks to you.

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