CHI Original Flat Iron Review

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It seems that every year brings a new, bold innovation in hair styling; the number of products available to dry, curl and straighten your hair can be overwhelming to sort through. And while some of these products have definitely improved styling, sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics with the classics: the flat iron. Chi flat irons are known to be slightly higher-end, which isn’t always the best in terms of price, but nothing beats having a quality flat iron at your disposal.

Chi Original Flat Iron

CHI Original 1" Flat Hair Straightening Ceramic Hairstyling Iron 1 Inch Plates

Useful Features: 

  • Like most flat irons, the CHI can create multiple hair styles. Wrapping your hair around the plates can give you curls just like a curling iron, and turning the plates as you get to the end of your hairs can create a flip in your hair without the hassle of a round brush and blow dryer. There’s plenty of other styles you can create too, all with the same device.
  • CHI flat irons are known for their quick heat up time, with some users saying to takes less than two minutes. This feature is great for anyone with a fringe; in less than a few minutes you can straighten or curl your fringe. It’s also great for those last minute touch ups.
  • One of the most helpful features of the CHI flat iron is the ceramic plates. Running your hair through the plates helps eliminate any frizz or fly-aways as you style, which means having to use less product to achieve a silky smooth look.


  • The directions for using a flat iron are pretty straight forward, so even a beginner can accomplish polished, professional styling.
  • The high heat setting allows the iron to be effective even on thicker, curler hair.
  • The fact that it heats up quickly and makes your hair shiny and smooth as you go gives it a high convenience factor. You can pretty much turn it on, straighten, and go.


  • Any form of heat styling is damaging to hair; this is especially true of any device that puts your hair in direct contact with heated elements. Of course, proper hair care and management can help minimize the effects of the heat.
  • While the high heat setting means you can use it on thicker, curlier hair, it may still take a longer amount of time and a few more passes before hair is straight. Extended contact with heat can also increase the damage your hair experiences from styling.
  • Of course, for thinner hair types, high heat is definitely not desirable. When purchasing a CHI flat iron for thinner hair, make sure that the model has heat setting options.


A CHI flat iron is a great way to get styled, shiny hair easily. Flat irons are simple to use and can achieve multiple styles. CHI irons in particular, are known to reach high temperatures quickly. The main downside, is the damage that heat can cause hair, but when used occasionally in conjunction with proper hair care, a CHI flat iron is a great way to get perfect looking hair.

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