Chi Flat Iron vs Paul Mitchell

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Chi Flat Iron vs Paul Mitchell

Chi is such an iconic brand, that it’s no wonder a lot of cheaper iron have copied their silhouette. When shopping, it can be hard not to compare each device to that well known image.

Of course, there are plenty of other quality choices available. You don’t have to go with Chi just because it’s the most familiar. In fact, you may not even like that brand.

Below is a comparison between Chi and Paul Mitchell flat irons. Both hair straighteners are a good choice, however there are some slight differences between the two. It’s really a matter of preference about some of the finer details.

Chi Original

CHI Original 1Check Price on Amazon


Features Overview:

  •  1″ ceramic tourmaline plates
  • Max temperature of 392 degrees Fahrenheit
  • One temperature setting

Paul Mitchell Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Style+ Styling IronCheck Price on Amazon


Features Overview:

  • 1 1/2″ ceramic plates
  • Infrared heating
  • Adjustable temperature


Chi Flat Iron vs Paul Mitchell Comparison

At first glance, Paul Mitchell has the advantage with a bigger plate size, higher maximum temperature.

However, the Chi Original should not be considered out so early in the game when it is a beloved classic.

Plate Size

As for the plate size, it really is a matter of preference. For those with thinner hair, a smaller plate size is recommenced to reduce damage. But someone with thick or really long hair could benefit from the larger surface area that a wider plate delivers. Additionally, larger plates can reduce the amount of time it takes to style your hair.

In terms of versatility though, the smaller plate size is better. It makes it easier to use your iron for curling as well as straightening.

Overall, If you’re someone with longer or thicker hair, the Paul Mitchell straightener with larger plates might be a better choice. However, if you want to use your straightener for a variety of styles, the Chi is better.

Maximum Heat Setting

Maximum temperature is no different–it depends entirely on the individual. I prefer a lower temperature to prevent hair damage, but as a person with thick hair, I also understand the need for temperatures at or in excess of 400 degrees F. For thicker hair, if the temperature is too low, the style won’t hold well.

However, those with thinner hair need to be careful about heat damage. Anything in the 400 degree range will be likely to burn their hair. And for all hair types, extended or frequent exposure to high temperatures is detrimental.

Overall, those who want very sleek, long-lasting straightening might prefer the higher heat setting available with the Paul Mitchell iron. Those who need it for regular use, or who have thinner hair, might prefer the Chi.

Another important distinction is that the Chi iron does not have an adjustable temperature, which is not something I prefer on any device. I think it can work, but in general, it’s better to have more control.


Both products are viable When choosing one, it comes down to preference. I would prefer the Paul Mitchell iron for straightening hair regularly. I would prefer the Chi iron for a situation where I only need quick, occasional styling.

The differences in these choices don’t give either a runaway advantage over the other.  Ultimately, it comes down to if their features match your needs and preferences.  With two good choices, it’s hard to come away empty handed.


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