Chi Air Flat Iron Review

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Check out our Chi Air flat iron review to see if it’s a quality option for you!

One of the most well-known names in hair straighteners has to be Chi. People bought this brand because they wanted to be able to do salon quality styling at home. As to whether or not that actually worked out, you can’t make a blanket statement. Some people really stand by this brand, while others consider it overpriced.

With any device, the real issue is whether or not it’s features will fit for your hair type. As long as you know what your hair needs, finding the right device isn’t too difficult.

For this particular device, there are a few features that I really like. I’ve personally used this device, and can say that it’s effective for fine to medium hair types.

For a more detailed explanation, check out the review below.

Chi Air Flat Iron

CHI Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron



  • 410 degrees Fahrenheit maximum temperature
  • 1” flat iron floating plates
  • Ceramic tourmaline
  • Temperature dial
  • 9 foot swivel cord


  • Tourmaline Ceramic
  • Floating Plates


  • Lower Temperature
  • Temperature Dial

Important Features

Tourmaline Ceramic:

Both of these materials are great for keeping hair healthy and shiny. Ceramic is good to keep heat steady. You won’t get the same type of uneven hot spots that you do with metal materials like titanium. This means that your styling will be more even, and you won’t have to worry about certain portions of each hair section getting burnt.

Tourmaline is good for locking in moisture. The negative ions help it seal your hair so that it doesn’t dry out as much as you straighten. This keeps your hair healthier, and can also help add shine to your finished style.

Floating Plates:

This feature is a small touch, but helpful for styling. Floating plates means that the plates will move with you as you slide the straightener down a length of hair. It won’t resist pressure, or tug the way that non-floating plates can. This is better for your hair, particularly if it’s fine textured, since it has less chance of damaging it by pulling or snagging.


I like this device best for people with fine or medium hair types. You can set it at a low temperature, and the ceramic will make sure that temperature is steady. The tourmaline should also help keep hair moisturized and shiny. It’s easy to dry out fine hair, so having a lot of negative ions in a device can help combat this.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this device as my first choice for anyone with really coarse and thick hair. Although the temperature does go up past 400, it’s not high enough that I would consider it effective for very coarse hair, especially considering the plate material. For more stubborn hair, titanium and higher heat are generally better.

The 1” width is also a little thin for people with thicker hair density. As someone with thicker hair, I typically prefer wider widths when straightening. Although the benefit of this width is that it’s good for curling. Standard curling iron size is usually around 1”, so this might be a good option for anyone who intends to use their device for more than just straightening.

Personal Review

My hair is thick, and coarse textured. I’ve found that the device is effective at 410 degrees, but anything lower than that, and the style does not hold well. In that regard, a titanium device is a little better, since I can use less heat, which is preferable, and still get a good hold. But for fine and medium hair types, I consider this a good candidate for a one pass flat iron, as it’s very effective overall.

For coarser hair, the one thing I can say is that I love the finish that you get with tourmaline and ceramic. After using this device, my hair is smooth, and mostly frizz free. As such, I still think it’s a good device.

My main complaint would have to be the temperature selection. When I use this device, I almost always end up bumping the dial to a hotter temperature. I’m usually very conservative with heat while styling, so I hate that it’s easy to adjust the temperature without noticing. Typically I won’t catch it until either my hair starts smoking, or I’m finding that I have to make multiple passes.

Final Thoughts

The temperature and materials on this device are great for fine and medium hair types, since they can keep the heat low and steady, and help keep your hair more moisturized. People with coarse hair can certainly use the device, and might find that they like it more for their hair. Yet, in my experience, a titanium device, or a device with higher temperature options, might be more effective. I also prefer devices with digital temperature controls, or temperature locks, since they’re harder to adjust accidentally.

All that said, the real question when buying a device from a well-known brand at a high price point, is if the device is going to as effective as it claims to be. While I don’t think this device is perfect for everyone, there are a few features that I find beneficial for styling. You can certainly get a cheaper device, however if you’re willing to spend more on a device from a noted brand, then I think this option is worth considering.

This Chi Air flat iron review recommends this device as a good purchase, assuming your hair type pairs well with it’s features.

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