Bun Flower Crown Accessories that are Perfect for any Occasion

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Check out these bun flower crown accessories to add a bit of elegance to your hairstyle. These easy options are the perfect way to decorate your next look.  

While floral headbands have been all the rage, they’re not the only option available for hair accessories. There are plenty of other ways to add a touch of nature to your hair.  

Accessory Options  

The most common option for this particular accessory, is a comb style  

flower-crown-for-bunComb Style

These look great, because you can really pack a lot of floral elements together. You also get more choices like the one above, that use artificial plants. This gives it a more casual feeling than metal options.  

Combs like these are also the easiest to use. You just do you style, and then stick the comb where you want it. There’s nothing to fuss with or adjust. 

Unfortunately, that convenience is also limiting. You can’t really change how the arrangement looks, and there’s not a wealth of options for how to secure it.

For an option that gives you more freedom, you can buy individual pins instead:

flower-hair-pinsPin Style

Pins are the easiest option because all you have to do is stick them into a finished style. They also typically come in large sets, so you’re going to get a lot of coverage.  

The other benefit of these is that you can personalize the look. Because you’ll be placing each individual pin, you can do whatever sort of arrangement you want. You can also use them throughout the style, and not just in one area.  

Of course, that also makes pins more difficult to use than a comb or clip style option. If you like to personalize things, these are great. If you want something that’s quick and easy, you may want to go with a different product.  

Another option that allows you to personalize your look is to get a floral vine headpiece.  

bun-flower-crownFloral Vine Headpiece

These products are essentially a string that has decorative accessories placed on it. It may seem a bit complicated to work with at first, but these options are actually super simple.  

With these, all you have to do is wrap them around your finished style, and then pin them in place. And because they’re so flexible, you can create whatever sort of shapes or looks you want.  

You can also do more complex styles, like weaving them into braids or twists.  

Fresh Plants 

Most people tend to go with artificial options, since they’re durable and easy to work with. But you can absolutely use fresh blooms in your hair.  

If this style interests you, here’s a great, easy tutorial to follow:  

Just keep in mind that fresh florals are delicate. Don’t expect them to last more than a few hours at most.  

Decorating Your Hair  

There are plenty of ways to add a hint of nature to your hair. But plants have been popular for ages, for good reason. They’re easy to work with, and they happen to look gorgeous.  

For a little added elegance in your next style, try any bun flower crown

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