Best Ways to Style Bangs for All Hair Types

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Bangs are one of those cuts that you could get eight times, hate each time, and still go for try number nine. They’re just that strong of a temptation. When done right, bangs can be adorable, sophisticated, and feminine. When done wrong, they’re a ridiculous looking mess.

In order to get the most of your bangs, it helps to know how to style them. Here are my recommendations for tutorials that show you how to manage bangs, regardless of your hair type.  I’ve also included a tutorial on how to hide your bangs, for those days when you just can’t be bothered (i.e almost every day).

Relaxed Hair With Wispy Bangs

This is a good, detailed tutorial for “wispy bangs” When I choose to have them, my hair always grows long, thick bangs. This style shown in this video is perfect for that, since it curls the hair inwards; it’s a great way to style your bangs after they’ve grown out a bit.

In terms of the tutorial itself, It’s a very detailed, step-by-step guide. She explains exactly what she’s doing and why she’s doing it, and she also shows you what products and tools she’s using. It’s worth noting that she does use heated styling, so if that’s not your preference, check out a different tutorial. However, if you don’t mind that, the finished look is too cute not to try out.

How to Hide Your Bangs

This is great for anyone who has grown out their bangs, or just wants to get them out of their face for a day. (Although she does show you how to style bangs at the beginning of the video. I recommend watching it for anyone who has trouble styling bangs with day old hair; her technique is really straightforward and quick.)

Most of the looks in this video should work regardless of hair type of length. In terms of difficulty, there is some braiding involved, but the styles are not too complicated. I also like that she goes through some finishing touches for the styles, like using texturizing spray. Little things like that can be easy to forget, but they can make a difference.

Overall, the looks are simple, quick, and look good, so it’s worth checking out.

How to Style Curly Bangs

In this is another instance of hairstyles for long bangs, however it would also work with shorter bangs.

This tutorial gives you a full routine for your bangs, which is helpful if you’re trying to wear them as naturally as possible. I like it because it’s really not that different from the routine that you would usually use on curly hair. In that sense, you’re not really adding that much extra maintenance if you do decide to get bangs.

Train your Bangs

Similar to the previous video, this is one is a great tutorial for how to dry your bangs so that they’re easy to wear daily. This tutorial only requires a blow dryer and a brush to achieve, and it’s very easy to emulate the technique that she uses. It’s a good tutorial if you’re really not sure how to manage your bangs with casual looks that don’t require a lot of styling.

How to Style Bangs

Styling your bangs doesn’t have to be a huge nightmare. Consider your hair type, as well as the look you’re going for, and choose a styling technique accordingly. With the right technique or routine, you can absolutely wear your bangs comfortably with any day-to-day look. And for those days when your hair or your motivation won’t cooperate, you can always disguise them with some clever styling.

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