Best Solano Hair Dryers Reviewed

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Looking for professional level drying and styling? Check out our best Solano hair dryers reviewed, to see if this brand is right for you.

Why Choose This Brand?

There are plenty of salon quality brands that offer good styling tools. Choosing between them really comes down to the features of the specific devices.

Each brand tends to favor different materials, settings, and power levels.

For this brand, its strength is that its devices have features that work for a variety of hair types. They also promote safer, less damaging heat.

Common Features

The brand has a few core features that you need to look for when selection your option. Here is an overview of the main ones, and how they impact styling:


Some devices come with an additional infrared mode that you can use while drying.

Traditional drying relies on hot air, but infrared works on the water directly. So rather than drying from the outside in, it’s the opposite.

When used in combination with the hot air, it provides faster, safer styling.


The power level of any brand will vary between devices, and this brand is no different. Most devices are at around 1600 watts. However, they do have options that get up to 2000 watts.

When deciding what power level is right for you, you need to consider your hair type.

With fine or delicate types, you don’t want too much power, because the excess heat can cause damage. But for thicker, coarser types, that extra power is certainly welcome.

1600w is a good middle ground. On a lower setting, it will risk less damage to delicate hair. But on a higher setting, it still has enough power to work with coarser hair.

So you can go with most of the devices, and not have any issues. However, for really stubborn hair, consider going for a more powerful model.


Many of the devices this brand produces are made of ceramic. This material has a few benefits for styling tools, but the one that’s emphasized the most is its heating properties.

Ceramic conducts heat evenly, which means that it will always put out a consistent temperature.

This is less important for these devices than it is for tools like flat irons or curling irons. With irons, the strands are in direct contact with the heated surface, so even heating is imperative.

However, it does have its benefits for these tools as well. In general, even heating leads to more efficient styling. That’s because each strand receives the same amount of heat.

That way, you don’t have any parts that are damaged by a heat spike. And you also don’t have any parts that aren’t styled well due to a drop in temperature.

Frankly, the effects of this will be subtle. You probably won’t even think about it unless you switch back to a lower quality device. But it’s still something to consider when deciding on your purchase.

The other benefit of this material is that it’s lightweight.

This doesn’t impact the look of your styling, but it does make the device easier to use. Since it weighs less, your arm won’t get as exhausted, holding it up and styling with it.

Because of that, it’s a good option for people with either high density or longer locks. These usually take longer to style, so you’ll want something lighter.

Best Solano Hair Dryer

So which Salano hair dryer is the best?

Which one is best for you depends on your specific styling needs. There’s no singular device that will be the best for everyone.

With that in mind, here are two quality devices, that offer different styling benefits:


Solano Vero 1600W Lightweight Speed Hair DryerSolano Vero 1600W Lightweight Speed Hair DryerCheck Price on Amazon


This option is a good device for just about everyone. At 1600w, it has average power, which is enough for all hair types.

And it also includes all those great, damage preventing features, like the ceramic and infrared. In theory, this should make drying both quicker and safer for your hair.

The other great feature about this device is that it’s lightweight. This makes styling a little less of a pain, particularly if you’re working with a lot of hair.


Solano Forza 2000W Ultra-Fast Drying Hair DryerSolano Forza 2000W Ultra-Fast Drying Hair DryerCheck Price on Amazon


This device has a few additional features that set it apart from the other models.

The main difference is in the amount of power.

This device has an output of 2000w, which is substantially more than the previous one. That means it’s going to generate more heat and dry your hair faster. Unfortunately, that also risks more damage if you’re not careful.

Because of that, I would hesitate to recommend this device for fine or delicate hair types. It’s better for coarser types, which can withstand a bit more heat.

That’s not the say that it can’t be used with fine types, just that you should be more careful. For either type, make sure you’re moisturizing properly and using a heat protectant with this device.

Another big difference is in the materials.

In addition to the ceramic, this device also includes tourmaline. The benefit of adding tourmaline, a gemstone, into the device is that it produces negative ions. These help create healthier, shinier hair by locking in oils.

Lastly, this device has a quieter motor. This is a small feature that doesn’t impact styling, but it’s still a nice addition. Having a device that’s not roaring in your ear every time you style is convenient in its own way.

Unfortunately, the price does reflect those different features. It is one of the more expensive devices, so it’s not the best choice if you’re working with a smaller budget.

Downsides of this Brand

The main downside of these devices is the price. As you might expect, the price of them matches the reputation of the brand.

To be frank, styling comes down to technique more than device.

With the proper technique and products, even a cheaper device will produce gorgeous styling. Having a quality device merely helps make that process easier. It’s not necessary, and certainly not at this price point.

However, these options really do have good features. And when used correctly, they will make a positive impact on your styling.

Choosing Your Device

When choosing your device, remember that the best option is one that suits your hair.

You want one that will work with the particular needs of your type, while still offering effective styling.

And If these devices don’t fit your budget, don’t worry. There are alternatives that, while maybe lacking in certain features, will still work well.

However, if you can afford it, investing in a salon quality device is a good choice. With the best Solano hair dryers reviewed, pick the one that suits you.

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