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Best Remington Hair Straightener for all Hair Types

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Most hair tool brands offer quite a bit of variety, and this one is no different. When it comes to finding the best Remington straightener, it’s really about finding what tool will suit your hair.

With that in mind, here are our recommendations for the three main types of flat irons, as well as why a brand like this is worth the purchase.

Why choose this brand?

On the whole, this brand is probably most well known for the fact that it’s cheap. It’s certainly nice to own a Chi, or a Paul Mitchell, or a Babyliss–no one is arguing that. However, for the casual, at home stylist, there’s not always room in the budget for that sort of high-end device. Brands like this one, Conair, and Bed Head are offering some cheaper alternatives.

But a budget option isn’t necessarily a better option. It’s important to consider what a brand is offering beyond the good price tag.

Is budget really better?

With most of this brand’s devices, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing too much quality for the price. I’ve owned both an expensive curling wand, and a Remington tapered curling wand. Between the two, there wasn’t a substantial difference in how they styled my hair.

What I can say, having also used flat irons different price ranges, is that any variation in the finished look of your hair usually comes down to materials.

Pure ceramic plates or heaters, like the sort you would find on a more expensive device, are going to give you a more polished look. Ceramic heats evenly, so it’s gentler and helps avoid frizz that comes from tugging or burning your hair.

Ceramic coating or metal heating elements, like you typically find in budget friendly options, are not as durable, and they don’t have the same even-heating properties. Non-ceramic heating elements may experience temperature changes during use, and ceramic coatings don’t have the same ability to disperse heat evenly across the plate. They also have a tendency to crack and chip after a lot of use, which can damage your hair.

Of course, that’s based on my personal experience. You may find that the difference is negligible. And it’s worth noting that using the right products, (heat protectant, conditioner, volumizer, etc.) can make a world of difference, regardless of the device.

Overall, if you’re buying from a reputable brand, you don’t have to worry about going for a cheaper option. For the type of casual, quick styling most of us are doing, it won’t make a substantial difference.

Our Recommendations

For this list, the focus was on devices that represent what’s best about this particular brand. There are plenty of other devices out there that are excellent quality, but cost a lot. The best part about this brand is that it’s offering good functionality, for a low price.

To that end, it’s important to mention quality devices that are at the lower end of the price range. Here are our picks for devices that fit that description.

1″- Remington Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron

Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch, Black



  • 1″ floating pearl ceramic plates
  • 300-450 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range
  • Digital temperature display
  • Temperature lock function
  • Swivel cord
  • 60 minute auto-shut off


This device as a lot of other features that make it ideal for a regular-use styling device.

One thing that sets it apart are the crushed pearls that they used in the plate coating. These are meant to make it easier for your hair to slide between the plates, which in turn can keep your hair healthier, and make your overall style smoother.

However, I think the other features for the plates will do just as good a job. The plates are made to float, which can also eliminate tugging. And the ceramic will help keep heat even, so that it doesn’t flare up and cause extra heat damage.

For some of the practical features, I like that it has auto-shut off and temperature lock. Both of these are great for peace of mind. You won’t have to worry that you accidentally left the device on all day, nor will there be an issue with you bumping the temperature higher or lower in the process of styling.

I can also recommend this device as a good option for any hair type. The high max temperature ensures it should work for thicker coarser hair, while the ceramic plates will help it keep fine textured hair healthy.

1 ¾”- Anti Static Flat Iron

Remington S5520 1 ¾" Anti-Static Flat Iron with Floating Ceramic Plates and Digital Controls, Hair Straightener, Purple



  • 1 ¾” titanium coated ceramic plates
  • Longer plate length
  • 410 degrees Fahrenheit temperature
  • Swivel cord
  • 60 minute auto-shut off


If you prefer having wider plates, this device makes a decent option.

The focal point of this device is that it eliminates static. This seems like a small convenience, but if you’ve ever tried to style your hair while simultaneously managing fly-aways, you can appreciate this feature. It helps keep your styling smooth, and can limit some of the breakage you may experience.

The other plate features include the fact that the plates are ceramic coated titanium, and are longer than average. Longer plates can help you style more hair at once. This makes it ideal for people with thicker hair.

As for the ceramic titanium, I like that they blend two materials. The ceramic will help the plates heat evenly, while the titanium gives you a better heat transfer rate. This should help you style effectively, while also protecting hair from unintentional heat damage. If you have finer hair but like titanium devices, this would be a good option. However, I don’t like it for coarser, thicker hair, as the max temperature is a bit low.

Wet to Dry

We’ve covered the wet-to-dry option they have in our wet-to-dry flat iron review. Suffice to say that it’s good, however wet-to-drying styling in general should be avoided when possible.

Final Thoughts

Budget isn’t always better, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good option. With brands like this one, you can pay a lot less and still get a quality, functional device. Plus, I like that a lot of the devices incorporate smaller touches, like anti-static technology, or crushed pearls, to try and make styling easier and healthier. Even if those features don’t have the biggest impact, it’s still interesting to try out.

At the end of the day, the best Remington hair straightener is the one that works for your hair’s needs, so shop around and don’t be wary about paying less.

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