Best Hair Accessories

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Your guide to the best hair accessories to complete your hairstyle from hair clips to bows and more.

Hair Accessory Types

There are endless amounts of hair accessories, that’s what makes the idea of finishing off your look with them so fun. The possibilities to let your personal style shine through are limitless when using these to style your hair. But all those options can seem overwhelming at times, that’s why it’s good to remember that hair accessories usually fall under a few main categories. Learn more about these groupings below.

Hair Clips

Hair clips attach themselves to your hair with a clipping, gripping, or snapping mechanism. Hair clips are more commonly used in children’s hair, but are making a comeback and now loved by many older teens and young adults as an everyday accessory. Some hair clips can be referred to as barrettes as well.

While mostly used for style, hair clips can also double as support to keep your hair up all day, even if you have thick or long hair.

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Floral Accessories

Putting flowers in your hair (real or fake) is an easy and inexpensive way to elevate any hairstyle. You can use flower pins and clips, or use real flowers from your garden.

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Hair Ties

Hair ties, scrunchies, and bands are the most basic form of hair accessory, and arguable to most functional. Hair ties are used to secure your hair in place when you style it in a ponytail, bun, braid, etc.

Elastic hair ties are the most common, however these days more styles are popular such as plastic coil hair ties, velvet hair ties, silk hair ties, and more.

Hair Bows

There are many ways to put a bow in your hair from clips, headbands, to hair ties. Bows are not just for small children either, there are many elegant styles where a bow can be incorporated into your hairstyle, for example a silk bow clip attached above a ponytail.

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Headbands cover the top of your head above your forehead and stay in place behind your ears. They can be thin or wide, and made of many different materials such as fabric, plastic, or metal. They often have designs or accents on them as well such as pearls.

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