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Our ultimate guide to the best flat irons on the market that users have proven to be reliable and worth the investment.

What Makes These Flat Irons The Best?

We determined this list of recommendations for the best flat iron by looking at a specific set of criteria and comparing what was on the market using that criteria. However, we also did in-depth research, took personal experiences into account, and sought out product reviews as additional determining factors.

Best Flat Iron Details

There were a few important details we looked at across the board for each model of this specific hair styling tool to determine which ones stood out against all the rest.

The first thing is brand reputation. For an investment like this, you want to be sure that your money won’t be wasted. In such cases, we tend to choose more recognizable and reputable brands over unheard of or lesser known brands.

This doesn’t always mean that the most popular brands are best, but they tend to have more data about product longevity, customer service and warranty information, and product usage information due to the nature of being an older or more widely recognized brand.

The next thing was product reliability. Nobody wants a flat iron that will only last them six months before they have to buy a new one. Product reliability and longevity with normal use was also a big consideration.

Finally, we considered user experience. Does the product serve it’s purpose well at an affordable price, and will most buyers find it helpful? Those are the questions we made sure to ask before settling on a product.

So, without further ado, see our list of the best flat irons on the market today below.

Best Flat Irons

Chi Original 1″ Flat Iron

Many people an recall this Chi Original flat iron as being their first serious hair tool purchase. It’s a very popular model that has stood the test of time and is considered a classic.

There isn’t much to say about this model except that if you’re looking for a flat iron that will get the job done efficiently and potentially last you for years to come, then this one is a good choice.

For more information, you can see our review and product comparison.

BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Straightener

The BaBylissPro Nano Titatnium straightener is similar to the Chi Original in that it’s one of the most famous models for this device, especially for beginners. This baby blue flat iron is synonymous with the BaByliss brand.

BaByliss is another well-known brand that is known to make reliable products.

Some things that make this flat iron stand out is that it’s great for curly hair and reducing frizz, is on the higher end of the price spectrum, and it has a very slender design.

For more information, see our review.

Remington Wet2Straight Hair Straightener

What sets this flat iron apart from the rest is given away in it’s name, wet to straight. This is a flat iron that you can use on wet hair, without having to worry about blow drying your hair first.

It an be a real time-saver for anyone who showers in the morning and doesn’t have a ton of time to get ready before school or work.

It’s a model that has been around for years and coming from Remington, you know it’s a trustworthy brand. The best part is that it’s extremely affordable. So, this straightener is definitely worth a shot if this type of convenience is something you desire.

HSI Professional Glider 1″ Flat Iron

This is our pick for a standard and affordable, but effective flat iron. The brand of this model puts a strong emphasis on the fact that this flat iron can curl and flip out hair as well. Perhaps that’s why they named it “glide” so that you will get an idea of how you can style your hair in multiple ways using this tool.

Their main selling platform seems to be Amazon, so you can get it from their or their website. So, this may not be a brand that is as well known as the others we have mentioned so far, but you can read the thousands of users reviews and judge for yourself.

There is nothing special that stands out about this straightener, but it cannot be overlooked that many people find it to be reliable.

See our full review of this ion ceramic styling tool here.

More Flat Iron Recommendations

Red Ceramic Flat Irons

There are two types of red ceramic flat irons, those that are red in color, and those that are only named after the color. For example, KISS has a popular flat iron named RED by KISS, that is does not feature the color red, and instead has a black body.

Rose Gold Flat Irons

There are many different colors and patterns that flat irons come in currently. You can find anything from hot pink to camo. The colors are not just reserved for the body of the flat iron either, some flat irons take it a step further an color the plates as well. For example, a flat iron with blue plates has been made popular by the brand HAI.

But the most current trending color is definitely rose gold. Rose gold flat irons sure make for a pretty addition to any vanity or hair styling tool collection, but the best part is that even big name brands are making them because they are so popular, so you don’t have to worry about the product being just pretty. We think that the Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron in the white and rose gold color is one of the best rose gold flat irons on the market right now, it’s even one of the most affordable.

Flat Irons for Short Hair

If you have shorter hair, bangs, a pixie cut or are looking for a flat iron for men, there are plenty of options for you. They make mini flat irons specifically for bangs and shorter hair, sometimes they are marketed as travel irons. To get a flat iron for short hair, make sure to look at ones that have smaller plates such as the Bed Head 1/2″ flat iron.

Best Straighteners for Thick and Curly Hair

It can be tempting to get impatient and use very high heat on thick and curly hair in an effort to style it more quickly, however this can damage your hair and doesn’t necessarily mean you will have long-lasting results. It’s better to invest in tools that will heat evenly and eliminate frizz, allowing you to style in one-pass, without damaging your hair too much. This advice is the same for coarse hair as well.

Different Types of Flat Irons

Now that we’ve went over the overall best flat irons on the marketplace that most people use and gravitate towards, perhaps you’d like to see some more specialty straighteners. Also, there are a wide variety of different types of hair straightener plates.

For example, there are hair straighteners such as the Wet to Dry that can serve purposes that you may not have thought about. See our guide below to learn more about the different types of flat irons.

Flat Iron with Teeth

A flat iron with teeth is a flat iron that has bristles on the plates to help you maneuver your hair through the straightener. It is essentially a flat iron with a brush or a flat iron with a comb built in, with plastic bristles.

Cordless Flat Iron

A cordless flat iron is a device that has no cord and is completely portable. It is made portable by recharging it’s battery in a wall outlet or through usb, that way it can have power without being plugged in while using it to style your hair.

A cordless flat iron can also refer to a battery operated flat iron.

Beveled Edge Flat Iron

A flat iron with a beveled edge allows for easier curling of the hair with a hair straightener. It reduces or completely eliminates the risk of your hair getting caught in the plate edges as you wrap your hair around the iron to curl it. This is very similar to a curved plate flat iron.

Hair Straightener with Curler

This type of device is obviously a two-in-one styling tool. As the name says, it’s literally a flat iron that doubles as a curling iron, similar to the beveled edge straightener.


A multi-styler is similar to a hair straightener with curler in that it is one device than can create multiple looks. But rather than just a two-in-one device, multi-stylers can have as much as 5 in 1 styling capabilities.

Steam Flat Iron

The steam flat iron is unique device, although it has been around for a while. To create the steam used to heat style your hair, they come with a water tank which you will have to fill with water.

Flat Iron with Auto Shut Off

An auto shut off feature on these types of devices simply means they will turn off after a period of time as an extra safety measure just in case you accidentally leave them plugged in, with the power on. It is not a necessary feature, but it is a very helpful one.

Mini Flat Iron

A mini flat iron is one that is smaller and thinner in design than the average hair straightener. These are perfect for traveling, styling short hair, styling bangs, and styling men’s hair.

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