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Best Flat Iron for Coarse Hair: Top Picks for 2020

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Looking for the best flat iron for coarse hair doesn’t have to be a huge chore. The important thing is to know what you’re up against.

First, you need to know that type is not equal to density. You can have fine thick hair just as easily as medium thin. Take a look at your scalp and see how high your density is, as that’s going to inform your purchase. (If you’re not sure what your density is, it’s not too difficult to find out. Basically, if it’s easy for you to see your scalp when you pull up on a group of strands, you have a thinner density.)

With that out of the way, keep in mind the qualities for your particular type.

Each hair type has its own set of strengths and weakness to consider when styling. Below is a list of qualities associated with this type that you’ll need your straightener to address.

Qualities to Address


This type is known for being a bit frizzy. Luckily, there are plenty of straighteners that are supposed to help control this issue, be it with special coatings or functions.


With this type, each individual strand of hair is composed of three different layers. Some other types, like fine and medium, only have one or two, so it’s no wonder that this type is notorious for being stubborn. If you want your style to hold, you’re going to need a device that doesn’t just use heat. It needs to use that heat effectively.

Dryness and Dullness

These two qualities go together. Because this type has more layers on each strand, it’s a lot harder for moisture to penetrate. This, in turn makes your style look dry and dull. You need to help your hair retain its natural oils if you want to get that perfect shiny look. Try for devices that have negative ions, infrared, or some type of polishing material in the plate coating.

Styling Tips

The key here is to keep moisturized. Before you style, you want to make sure that you use a good heat protectant. And always keep up with a good routine of washing and conditioning your hair. No matter what type of heated styling you use, it’s going to dry out your hair. Keeping up with a routine that adds moisture back will help lessen the effects of any heat damage.

After you’re done styling, use a product that’s going to hold your style in place, like hair spray. With this hair type, you don’t have to worry as much about weighing down your style, so don’t be afraid to use products when necessary. If you have thinner density, you may also want to throw in a volumizer to keep your style from looking too flat.

Top Picks

Here’s some suggestions for devices that should work for this type. Check out the list below to help guide your shopping.

Xara Infrared Ceramic Straightener

XARA Professional 2” infrared ceramic FLAT IRON Hair Straightener Dual voltage 110/220vCheck Price on Amazon



  • Ceramic tourmaline plates
  • Infrared heating
  • Heat Balance
  • 450 degree Fahrenheit max temperature


I like this device because of the materials and the infrared. Tourmaline is one of the best materials for eliminating frizz. It produces a high amount of negative ions, which can also help hair retain moisture. The issue is that ceramic doesn’t have as high a heat transfer rate as titanium, so the heat from this device isn’t going to reach each strand as effectively as it would if the plates were metal.

They make up for this by adding the infrared feature. Infrared is good because it heats hair from the inside out. This means you should require less heat exposure to get the same look. It should also help with some of that stubbornness, since you’re working from the outside in, as opposed to trying to get through three layers on each strand.

KIPOZI Titanium Straightener

KIPOZI Professional Flat Iron Titanium 1 Inch Hair Straightener with Adjustable Temperature High Heat 450 Degrees Frizz Free Dual Voltage Heats Up Quickly Matte BlackCheck Price on Amazon



    • Titanium Plates
    • 450 degree Fahrenheit max temperature
    • Ceramic Heater
    • Auto Shut off


If you have a thicker density, I would recommend taking a look at this device, mainly because of the titanium material and ceramic heaters.

In this case, titanium has two main benefits: negative ions and the heat transfer rate. Titanium is another material that naturally emits negative ions, though it’s a lot less compared to tourmaline. It does, however, have an excellent heat transfer rate. As I mentioned, titanium gives off heat more effectively than ceramic.

Of course, ceramic is better than titanium when it comes to even, steady heat. Titanium tends to get hot spots. This device makes up for that by using ceramic heaters, so you’re getting the best of both materials.

Put together, all these features mean that your hair is more likely to actually straighten, and hold that style.

Furiden Steam Straightener

FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron for Hair : Professional Ceramic Flat Iron for Hair Straightening with Digital LED Display, Dual Voltage (Rose)Check Price on Amazon



  • Steam
  • 450 degree Fahrenheit max temperature
  • Dial Temperature control
  • 38 temperature options
  • 60 minute auto shut off


The focus for this option is the steam. Steam is supposed to be able to eliminate frizz, keep moisture, and lock style in place. Each of those is obviously a benefit for this particular type. And it makes sense that heating using water would help overall moisture maintenance.

I find that the reviews for steam are mixed, however. The people for whom it works swear by it. Meanwhile, others find it pointless. In my opinion I think it can be helpful. It really just comes down to personal preference.

Another potential issue is the temperature selection. You get a lot of options since the temperature operates in increments of five, however, dials aren’t exactly the most effective way to select the temperature. They tend to be easy to accidentally bump while styling.

Final Thoughts

While it can sometimes feel impossible to achieve the right style, but don’t get discouraged. Each type has its own benefits and downsides. It’s important to be grateful for the good qualities, while doing your best to address qualities that are less convenient.

With this type, you need to think about all of the layers. Both heat and moisture are going to need to find a way to penetrate each strand effectively, in order for your style to look healthy and shiny. It’s not impossible to find the best flat iron for coarse hair; with a little research and patience, you can find one that’s perfect for you.

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