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Best Cordless Flat Iron

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Cutting the Cord

For the best cordless flat iron, think small. Most of the quality ones you’re going to find are going to be travel sized. By nature, if something doesn’t have a cord, it’s usually because you’re using in a situation where plugging it in or having extras space for the cord isn’t an option.

So while these devices are handy and convenient in their own right, they aren’t going to be useful for every situation. The key to finding the right one is to know what you’re looking for.


The main benefit of these tools is obviously portability.

With a corded iron, you might encounter an issue with voltage in another country, or you might not be allowed to pack it at all. Most boats and cruise-lines don’t allow them because they are considered a fire hazard.

They’re also has hassle to use on the go. You’re tied to an outlet, which means being that person in the bathroom, touching up your styling. It’s much easier to have something you can carry around in a bag and use whenever, wherever you need to.

Another main benefit of these is that they’re smaller. They can get in closer and process the hair a little easier than if you had a full sized device, so they make an ideal flat iron for bangs, fringe, or even a beard.


Because they don’t plug into the wall, they don’t have much power. So a common complaint is that these devices don’t get hot enough. They will also require charging, or some sort of battery. This makes the length of time you can use them finite. You’ll have to keep it charged, or keep extra batteries around, just in case you need it in an emergency.

That being the case, I wouldn’t recommend these as an alternative to use at home, as your regular styling tool. They work best for people who need them on the go, or who travel often. They also work for any type of fringe since they’re more compact. Although, if your hair is particularly stubborn, you need to make sure you choose one with a high max temperature, or else it may not work.

Top Picks

Here are some rechargeable straighteners to give you some ideas for your shopping.

Deogra Mini Cordless Flat Iron

Deogra Cordless Mini Flat Iron USB Rechargeable Hair Straightener Ceramic Tourmaline Straightening Iron with 3D Floating Plates Portable for Travel Incl Heat-resistant Storage Pouch (Mermaid)



  • Floating Ceramic Tourmaline Plates
  • USB charger
  • Charging indicators
  • Power indicator
  • Max temperature 410 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 90 minutes to reach full charge.
  • Usable for around 25 minutes on a full charge.
  • Heat for 3 minutes before use
  • Colorful


  • USB charging cable
  • Travel Pouch
  •  Cap that covers the arms of the device


This device has a lot of good features to recommend it. For one, the coating on the plates is a good choice, and should help keep your hair healthier even as you style.

The max temperature is low, but this is actually beneficial since there aren’t any temperature options. It’s a good mid-range temperature, although people with fine hair will want to make sure they aren’t exposing their hair too long. People with coarse hair may encounter the opposite problem: it may take them longer to style since coarse hair usually responds better to higher temperatures.

For charging, this device gives you a lot of help. They have charging indicators to let you know when the device is fully charged. There’s also a power indicator to let you know when you’ll need to think about plugging it in. (Note that you cannot use the device to straighten if it is charging.)

Final Thoughts

This product is well reviewed and seems decently functional. I would’ve liked a little more choice with the temperature settings, but the max temperature isn’t the worst.

I also like the fact that it’s a USB charger. In a pinch, the USB means you can plug it into just about anywhere. Of course you can also use the wall adapter to plug it into a regular socket while at home.

My main complaint is that 3 minutes to reach the max heat is a little long of a wait, particularly when you’re only getting around 25 minutes of use with the device. Also, since it takes around 90 minutes to charge, you’ll have to stay on top of it’s power supply.

Overall, I think this is a good option for anyone who has to do touch ups on the go, as well as anyone who needs to straighten their bangs. Just make sure you plan accordingly, since it takes 90 minutes to charge and 3 minutes to heat up.

Entil Rechargeable Straightener

Cordless Hair Straightener, Mini Flat Iron - with 3/4 Ceramic Plates, Dual Voltage, Digital Controls, Automatic Turn off, Portable, Travel



  • Floating, Ceramic, 3/4 inch plates.
  • Max temperature of 405 Degrees
  • 3 Temperature Settings (330, 365, and 405)
  • Power indicator
  • Around 30 minutes worth of use
  • Safety Lock
  • Rounded arms
  • USB Charging


  • Travel Pouch


The max temperature on this device is low, however it does give you multiple temperature options. This is rare in a travel-oriented device.

But the low temperature comes with it’s own restrictions. The listing notes that this device is not recommended for hair that has naturally tight curls.

The rounded arms mean you can be use it for straightening and curling. Although, with the temperatures available, I don’t think you’ll get much of a hold out of it. It may be better to use it for doing waves.

However, this device still has it’s conveniences. The USB charger means you can plug it in virtually anywhere. And while the temperature may limit your curls, the rounded arms are still great for touching up multiple types of styling.

Final Thoughts

In my experience, 405 degrees is not enough to straighten coarse, thick hair. If you have this hair type and are considering this device, just know that it’s not ideal for straightening unstyled hair. It’s best for a quick touch-up on hair that has already been straightened or styled.


While handy, these devices are not always as functional as their full-sized counterparts. They’re great for touch ups or some short hair styling needs, however I wouldn’t recommend them as an alternative to a corded flat iron for short hair.

They also have a lot of things that make them difficult for anyone with thicker hair, namely the low temperatures and small size of the plates.

But maintaining a style all day is work. You have to worry about frizz, the weather, and your style not holding. Having a convenient way to take care of that during the day is useful. Who doesn’t want to look their best for an important meeting or event?

If you’re in the market for the best cordless flat iron, I think these ones are a good place to start.

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