Best Comb To Prevent Hair Loss

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Losing a little bit of hair is a daily occurrence that happens naturally, and isn’t a huge detriment to your hair. The issue is when health problems, heavy handling, or severe styling lead to more than the natural amount falling out.¬†¬†Unfortunately, health problems can often be out of our control, but it’s easy to protect our hair when it comes to handling and styling.

When combing your hair, technique as well as materials are the two most important factors. You want to make sure you’re not being too harsh, and that the material of the comb is appropriate.


When it comes to combing out your hair, you want to be sure that you’re not using too much force. The point is not to rip through tangles, it’s to detangle them. Gently guide the teeth of the comb through any rough spots, tugging gently as needed. It helps to start by detangling the ends of your hair before combing from the root down.


When shopping, keep in mind that certain materials are going to have different benefits for you hair. Here are the particular benefits that you should be looking out for:

  • Anti-static/ Anti-frizz: This quality will help keep your hair from flying up and tangling even as you work to detangle it. This means less passes, and less chances for damage.
  • Smoothness: You want to make sure that whatever material you go with, it’s one that’s going to allow your hair to glide over it easily. You don’t want something that hair will stick too, since this can lead to more breakage, as well as split ends and frizz.

With these two properties in mind, metal and wood are two great options. While plastic is ubiquitous for these products, it can actually catch on hair and cause static electricity, two issues that you don’t need while styling or detangling. Avoid it where you can, and go with something smoother.

Product Recommendations

Here are some options that would be great to try if you’re looking for something that can protect your hair.

Aluminum Comb

SMITH CHU Professional Space Aluminum Dressing Combs for Women - Best Styling Comb for Long,Wet or Curly, Reduce Hair Loss and Dandruff&Headache- No breakages (Rose Gold)



This option is made from aluminium which has anti-static properties. Plus, it has u-shaped spaces between the teeth, which is gentler for hair. One potential downside of this option is that it’s not the type that people use for regular detangling. While it can certainly be used for that, the small handle and long shape are better suited for use when styling hair.

Argan Oil Infused Comb

Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Conditioning Rake Comb infused with Argan Oil

This one is made of plastic, which I wouldn’t normally recommend; however, this option mixes keratin protein, argan oil, and olive oil into the plastic.¬† This makes is smoother, and also gives it anti-frizz properties. It’s shape is also better for regular use than the first option. Therefore, if you really prefer plastic to other materials, I would recommend choosing this option over other plastic ones.

Sandalwood Comb

Breezelike Hair Comb for Detangling - Wide Tooth Wood Comb for Curly Hair - No Static Natural Wooden Sandalwood Comb for Women, Men


Wooden combs and brushes tend to be underrated despite their many benefits. Wood’s smoothness helps it glide through snags, and the wood has natural anti-static and anti-frizz properties. The shape of this option is also ideal for use when combing out your hair after showering, or before styling.

Choosing the Right Option

With something like this, finding the perfect option for you comes down to a matter of personal preference. There are plenty of options for materials as well as shapes, so consider what you’ll be using the brush for regularly, and then go from there.

Wide tooth options are generally better for daily detangling, while fine tooth ones are better for styling. And, in general, try to avoid plastic in favor of materials like wood and certain metals, although plastic can still be viable if it’s produced well.

Overall, with the right technique and materials, you can keep your hair healthy and happy!

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