Best Blowout Brush

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Blowout brushes are the ultimate modern hair styling tool.  These 2 in 1 electric heat styling brushes are a powerhouse.  They work on all different types of hair, are affordably priced, and provide unbelievable results.

For first time buyers, or anyone still unsure of what they are and how exactly they work, this is our Blowout Brush Ultimate Buying Guide.

Let’s get started!

What is a Blowout Brush?

A blowout brush is a round brush – traditionally a round bristle brush – that has been adapted to blow out hot (or cool) air from it’s core, just like a blow dryer.

It is very similar to vented round brushes. These brushes have metal cores with small holes all over, allowing for better airflow while using a hair dryer. This also helps with heat styling.

The difference is that this device also has hot air that comes from the core, through those vents. This addition takes it from a regular brush, to a heated styling tool. It also eliminates the needs for a blow dryer.

It’s everything you need for a blowout, in one device.

If you’re still confused, look at the picture comparison below. It offers a better idea of the distinction between the two brushes.

You should also take note that the blow dryer brush is electric. As such, it comes with a cord, and does have to be plugged into an outlet.

Vented Round Brush


Blowout Brush


How to Use a Blowout Brush

Essentially, you simply hold onto the brush handle to use it, just like a regular brush.

However, here are some tips to help you achieve a better blowout:

  • Work with damp hair. Let your hair air dry at least up to 50% before use.
  • Start from root to tip.
  • Use heat styling products beforehand to prevent damage.
  • Also consider using conditioner or detangler to help you brush your hair smoothly.
  • Dry your hair to only 80-90% to prevent frizz and lock in shine.
  • Before finishing, grab sections of hair from the front and sides of your face (starting from the crown of your head) and pass over them a few more times – holding the sections upright, above your head – to get more volume.

Can You Use a Blowout Brush on Wet Hair?

Absolutely! In fact that’s pretty much it’s intended purpose. But we definitely recommend sticking to our tips above and at least letting your hair air dry for a bit before styling.

Benefits of Blowout Brushes

  • Dries hair faster
  • Does less heat damage
  • All-in-one tool
  • Most models are under $100 and widely available at large retailers
  • Provides volume that lasts
  • Works on many different hair types
  • Straightens hair while drying

Where to Buy Blowout Brushes

If you’re wondering where to get your hands on these amazing tools, they are available at most large retailers and beauty stores.

The range from mid to high priced and are made by “drugstore” brands as well as luxury brands.

Of course you can always find them online as well, at sites like Amazon.

What are the Different Types of Blowout Brushes?

Like most hair styling tools, there are some subtle variations of features that can make a difference in the types of blowout brushes. Below is a summary of the most common features that you may find different between brands.

Size of Barrel

These brushes can range from small to quite big in diameter. The standard range is 1.3 inches to 2 inches. The size that’s right for you should be similar to the one you use for a regular round brush when styling your hair.


There is a wide range of materials and technologies used in these tools. From ceramic, ionic. gold, to even charcoal infused. While it can seem a little confusing, most features are meant to help reduce frizz and shorten drying time.


There are generally two standard shapes, round and oval. Completely round brushes will look like your standard round bristle brush, but oval brushes are slightly flattened.

The oval shape allows you to rotate the brush and glide it through your hair more easily. However, there is nothing wrong with the more rounded ones, especially if you are used to using the regular round brushes already.


One drawback of these devices is that they can get quite heavy. If you have thick, long hair that usually takes a long time to style, you might find yourself getting tired quickly.

Be sure to check the weight when you are comparing models because it can make a difference.


When you think of round brushes, you usually think of boar bristles. The same is true for these devices. Blowout brushes typically have a mix of boar bristles and nylon bristles.

Rotating Hot Air Brushes

The gist of using a round brush is that you rotate it through your hair. Some hair air brushes have taken that a step further, by automating the process.

These devices rotate automatically, so all you have to do is place a section of hair on the device, and let it work for you. From there, just slowly brush the device down the section of hair, while it rotates.

The rotation will give you all the volume and shine that you want, without you having to twist your wrist.

However, this is not a standard feature. If you want this type of feature, you’ll need to purchase the devices that specifically offer it.

Most Popular Blowout Brushes

The great thing about these is that you don’t necessarily need to buy a luxury brand one to have a good experience. There are quite a few popular options across all different price ranges.

However, some models have become especially popular through social media. Below we will give a brief summary of the most popular ones by their brand and model name.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer

This model is perhaps the most popular on social media and YouTube currently. It’s not hard to see why after looking at some reviews. It affordably priced and perform well on all different types of hair.

This model is more of the standard, it does in fact work for the general public and is widely available, however it may not work on specific types of hair.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler

This brand is perhaps the most infamous one, as it’s known for being extremely expensive. In fact, it can cost you over $300.

While many people swear by this brand and particular product, for other people, it left much to be desired for such a high price tag.

Spoiler alert: in our comparison section below, you’ll see that the Dyson does not often out perform more affordably priced brands.

HOT TOOLS Professional Charcoal Infused One Step Blowout

This one from Hot Tools is nearly identical to the Revlon One-Step, but does have some differences. It’s retail price is slightly more expensive as well.

It’s also “Charcoal Infused” which HOT TOOLS explains is to help you refresh your 2nd day hair.

For a comparison of this one versus the Revlon One-Step, see the comparisons section below.

BabylissPro Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush 2 Inch

This is a rotating hot air brush from Babyliss. Babyliss is known in the beauty industry for creating quality hair styling tools that last for years.

This brush is fairly wide at 2 inches in diameter. It is also “mutli-directional”, meaning you can set the brush to spin forward or backward while in use.

Hot Air Brush Dryer Comparisons

Now we will look at different models from different brands and compare them to see how they stack up against one another.

Dyson Airwrap vs Revlon One-Step

This is my favorite comparison because it’s quite the upset. For an extremely expensive tool, you’d expect salon quality results, but sadly the Dyson doesn’t seem to deliver.

Now, most critics of this comparison will argue that users simply aren’t familiar with how to use the Dyson or aren’t using it correctly. Even if that was the case, a product shouldn’t be hard to use at that price point. Actually, you’d expect it to be rather intuitive and straight forward. And the results when used “correctly” don’t outshine those of any other blowout brush.

See the video reviews below for more information:

Revlon One-Step vs Hot Tools One Step Blowout

While the Revlon One-Step remains a favorite for the public and stacks up nicely against even Dyson, the HOT TOOLS One Step is perhaps even better.

The HOT TOOLS model does cost slightly more than the Revlon one, but there are many benefits to make up for that.

HOT TOOLS provides a smoother, shinier finish and has better grip than the Revlon one.

From the video reviews below, it was mentioned that the hair grips better to the HOT TOOLS one than the Revlon one, and the blowout lasted longer with the HOT TOOLS one.

In conclusion, the HOT TOOLS one may work slightly better than the Revlon one, but they are both well worth the price and great alternatives to Dyson.

Does a Blowout Brush Work Good on My Type of Hair?

Although it may sound too good to be true, a blowout brush works well on many different hair types.

Below is a link list of reviews of different blowout brushes (from different brands), and how they work on different hair types.

Blowout Brush – The Ultimate Heat Styling Hair Tool?

These devices are the ideal way to get a blow out, without the hassle. They make things much simpler, by giving you a dryer and a vented round brush in one device.

That means you don’t have to labor with a dryer and one hand and brush in the other. Instead, just pass this device over a section of hair, and let it work it’s magic.

You can even get devices that rotate to make things even simpler!

Another great aspect of these devices is that they’re budget friendly. There’s effective devices at just about any price point.

The cheaper brands, like Revlon, work just as well as the expensive ones. In some cases, they even work better! And for people with some cash to spare, check out the HOT TOOLS option. It provides easy usage and great results.

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to maximize your styling, check out one of these tools. A good blowout brush is the perfect way to get truly effortless style.