Best Beach Waves Hair Tutorials

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Ironically, one of the most popular looks you can achieve with a curling iron isn’t actually a curl at all.

Waves, particularly beach waves, are definitely in style. They look more natural than traditional curling iron curls, and they’re also easier to manage.

If you’re after that perfect wave, here are some guides and tutorials worth checking out.

Beach Waves on Long Hair


This tutorial is a great one for anyone who has coarse hair, since that’s what the author is working with. However she does give a lot of advice for how to achieve her look on multiple different hair types. Her tutorial is great for anyone who’s really not sure where to start, since she gives in-depth information on her products, tools, and preparation.

Beach Waves on Short Hair

This is a great tutorial for anyone who has short hair, since the author’s own hair sits at just around her chin. In addition to it being a good tutorial, I like this video because she has an easy to follow explanation for how to alternate curls. Alternating as you style gives you a more natural look, however it can be pretty confusing if you’re not familiar with the technique. She explains it in a way that’s easy to understand and emulate with your own styling. I also like her overall styling technique, since it’s a little different from what you usually see with an iron. For any hair length or type, it’s a good one to try out, if only for the sake of having another curl style in your repertoire

No Heat Waves

This is a nice alternative to give your hair a break, especially if you start to notice that it’s getting damaged. She does go into her products as well as a detailed explanation of her process. Overall, it’s a pretty easy tutorial to follow.

I also like this as an option for people with really long hair. It seems easier to manage than an iron for constant or daily styling.

Fast Wave Ideas

For those days when you don’t have an hour to go through that perfect styling routine, here is a list of really quick and easy ways to get waves. I wanted to include this list because they have a fast, no heat method for achieving waves as well.


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